DIY Beauty Products

I don’t consider myself crunchy. We vaccinate and medicate regularly. We try to be as healthy as possible with two full time working parents and three kids but I definitely I feed my kids Aldi’s frozen chicken nuggets and Kraft Mac and Cheese like it’s going out of style. My baby is currently obsessed with Cheez-Its and to avoid the screaming fits, I let him eat as many as he wants. We get outside when we can but also fully embrace the iPad and Saturday morning cartoons. I’m not above the DVD players in our minivan to entertain kids on a road trip.

Recently, I’ve gotten into DIY beauty products created from items I already have on hand. I’d love to say that this is because I shun chemicals and big companies gouging us with expensive products but in reality it’s much more simple. I’ll do anything to save a dollar and not have to leave the house to brave Target. My rule is that the ingredients have to be found easily and cheaply and it can’t be complicated to make. And, of course, it has to actually work!

I’ve compiled a list of a few recipes I’ve found that I love and truly cut some serious dollars out of my beauty budget.

  • Eye Make-Up Remover
    Pure coconut oil
    I keep a small container of this in my bathroom and use it to remove waterproof eye make-up every night. It doesn’t burn or sting my eyes; I apply it liberally and wipe it off with a reusable cotton round (made out of leftover flannel) every night.
  • Face Wash
    ¼ cup coconut oil, 2 TBSP honey, a few drops of lavender essential oils
    I usually melt the coconut oil to liquid, stir in the honey and essential oil and let it cool. I have to mix it up again after it cools but it mixes pretty easily. Spread over face at night then apply a hot washcloth for 30 seconds for a steam and then wipe off.
    I was skeptical about an oil-based face wash since I’m prone to breakouts (thank you so much hormones for saving my breakout years for my 30s instead of my teens) but I’ve really loved this, and my face feels so much more moisturized.
  • Hair Mask
    2 egg yolks, 4 TBSP Coconut Oil, 2 TBSP Honey
    Mix well and apply to damp hair.
    Let set 30 minutes and then shampoo/condition well.
    (I doubled the original recipe for my long hair)
    My hair was exceptionally dry all winter, and one Saturday morning I had the bright idea to get a deep conditioning mask but my husband was at work and the baby was fast asleep and of course, I wanted to do it right then! So I turned to Google and found this mask and decided to give it a try. My coconut oil is a little chunky so it was hard to mix but I didn’t want to melt it for fear of cooking the eggs. It was pretty gloppy but I followed the instructions and applied then let it sit for 30 minutes. I showered and shampooed/conditioned as normal. My hair felt amazingly soft and silky! I was super impressed and will definitely keep this in my toolbox for future use.

Anyone else a beauty product DIYer? I’d love to hear some other recipes for things that work well for you!

For more on this topic, watch Julie’s demonstration on KCTV5 here.

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