Embrace Valentine

I’m one of those people. I decorate my mantle. I hand make the cards. I serve dinner on the nice plates. I buy gifts. I celebrate love.

With all the pressure of Pinterest perfection we have pulled away from celebrating. Valentine’s Day has been one of those that has been cast aside. It’s not a major holiday, is full of commercialized products, and can easily be skipped over. But Valentine’s Day is worth embracing. A day for love! For showing and giving love!

As parents we show these amazing humans we love them everyday, in so many ways. These tiny people who made us mothers, who have our hearts. Combing their hair and packing their lunch, nursing them to sleep and changing diapers.Everyday we love. They grab your cheeks and hold your hands, test you to your limits but will always be your baby. Its ok to go a little overboard. It’s OK to celebrate a day to give your love to others. 

Growing up (with parents who were married on Valentine’s day) this day was always extra special to me and my siblings. Celebrations have continued on into each of our own families. This has always been a family holiday to me. Traditions and focusing on together time. Handmade gifts, dinner around the table with something “fancy” (hey, heart shaped pizza delivery is an AMAZING thing!!), exchanging gifts and looking at all the cards given by classmates. Cherished cards with “I Love You” in handwriting from grandparents and others who have passed away. Seeing that signature always makes me feel the love they had for me.

Choose to make this a special day that when your children look back, they remember how much you loved them. There are so many fun ways of celebrating. So many ways to incorporate easy traditions.

Local Events
Local businesses offer a diverse calendar full of Valentine’s Day events. You can pick an art class, tour your downtown eating chocolate, catch a show, visit a brewery, and so many other amazing choices! Kansas City and surrounding towns always offer a variety of events to fit every lifestyle. Check out your favorite local non profits, too. This is a great time of year for you to shop, and support a great cause at the same time. Show a local business your love and experience something new.

Get Crafty
This is when things might get a little intimidating  to people. But don’t be! The  DIY Valentine’s Day cards browsing doesn’t need to send you running. Keep it basic! Construction paper chains, markers and folded paper, if you’re brave…glitter! Or intricately design delicate cards with personalized sayings. Pull out some red and pink play dough with a cookie cutter heart. Keep your searches simplified with affordable, easy  projects sure to create lasting memories. Store-bought cards are perfect and always so much fun for the kids to see their favorite characters. Incorporate easy hand made notes with pre-made items.  Let your kids help, let them create, let them put their love into each gift store-bought or handmade. 

Fun Foods
This could be another daunting area. Take it easy, or go all out! Playing with your food is always fun. Heart shaped pancake attempts or bacon roses! Delivery or a high-end meal. Easily incorporate your family meals and food into your memories. Don’t be afraid to let the kids help. This is a great time to let them be a part of the preparations of the special meal. Some proud young chefs will be beaming with pride as they present their special part.

So crafts, and fancy food, and now gifts…. Yes! Buy that amazing box of chocolates, and silly pink bear. Spends hours crafting the perfect cards. Give a little or a lot, but honoring that love with something thoughtful is way to make this day extra special. (and a great excuse to eat a little extra chocolate!) You can find so many local fundraisers, benefits, and small business events that your gift purchases can also show your community some love. Shopping small is important this time of year. The major holidays are over, but local business owners are still there to provide you with unique gifts choices and shopping with purpose opportunities.

Even if you think it’s over commercialized and silly, embrace Valentine’s Day and show that love is important. Teach your children that love is something everyone has in common.

Love is universal.

Love is for all.

We face some scary times as mothers. We must watch as others live through unimaginable pain, we constantly worry about our kids and fight for their futures, we see many denied the right to love who they do. Love is something to celebrate, love is something to be embraced, shared, and cherished. Loving your child is what you do every day, it’s why you do it all. Honor that love. Show them it is OK to love, and be loved. Embrace a day where we can go a little overboard with love.  

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