6 Stellar Facebook Groups for Kansas City Moms

It’s no secret: motherhood is hard. It wasn’t until I had my first baby that I actually realized how lonely and exhausting motherhood can be. After the first two to three weeks of sleepless nights, I remember barely being able to function and heading to family Thanksgiving dinner with our newborn. I hadn’t left our home more than twice since our baby was born, and getting ready, driving somewhere plus socializing was so foreign to me that it felt like I was in a dream.

When we arrived, my cousin had her four-month-old resting in her arms, and in complete desperation, I asked how often her baby was sleeping (hoping we were in the same boat). She told me her daughter started sleeping through the night somewhere between three to four months, and on the drive home, I swear I repeated, “Only three more months” under my breath the entire way.

By complete luck, through the blog I’d started during my pregnancy, I began to stumble upon groups of moms online. During sleepless nights of breastfeeding and days, I thought I’d never get out of my home again, I sought refuge in them. I found out I was not the only mom awake in a world that seemed completely silent at 3 a.m. I made real friends on the internet and found out, firsthand, how helpful an online tribe can be.

If you’re a mom that was in the same place I was almost four years ago [break: I cannot believe it’s been four years and almost cried just typing that out], or if you’re a local mom simply looking for some advice, somewhere to vent, playdates or the best Northland dance studio, here are six wonderful Facebook Groups just for you.

Facebook Groups for Mom

Cheers for Moms Kansas City

This Facebook Group is for mothers (primarily with children under the age of eight) in the Kansas City Metro area. Mothers pose questions regarding local resources, businesses, events, pregnancy, toddlers, babies, brands and more. Attached to the group is also a Meetup page that’s steadily updated with several local events and get-togethers each month. This group is great for networking with mothers of young children and partaking in weekly playdates or moms’ night out events.

Kansas City Moms

Focusing on the bond of motherhood and bringing mothers in the area together, this group is great for building relationships with mothers in the KC area. They also collect donations for mothers and children locally to create care packages for those in need. This group focuses on creating a monthly outing for moms and kids of any age for those looking for activities and socialization.

Northland Kansas City Moms

This fairly new Facebook Group was created for mothers specifically in the Northland area. It’s a group where moms with children of any age can share resources, advice and get to know other moms nearby. There’s a pinned document in the group that allows members to add their own business as a resource and means of networking with others, as well.

Kansas City’s Ultimate Mom’s Club

Making moms life easier is the major focus of this Facebook Group. It’s considered a non-judgmental, safe place for women to discuss any issues they may have regarding pregnancy, children and more. There’s also a tab in the group for local mothers to post sale items, and any member is encouraged to share local deals, advice or questions. 

Kind of Crunchy – Kansas City Moms & Parents

This group is a great resource for parents who are anywhere on the spectrum of “crunchy” (natural, organic, alternative, cloth diapering, etc.). Parents often share experiences or ask for advice regarding healthy living, local recommendations or alternative pregnancies. It’s also a great resource for KC parents to ask and share advice on health-related topics and quality food or recipes.

Kansas City Moms2Moms Business

One of the smaller Kansas City moms groups, this is a great outlet for moms who have a personal business from home or any sort of a side hustle – photography, clothing, Scentsy, Jamberry, It Works, upcycled furniture and more. This is a great place to network, post about your product/sales freely and gain some traction locally.

As a mom, do you have a favorite Facebook Group or online tribe or story to share?

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2 Responses to 6 Stellar Facebook Groups for Kansas City Moms

  1. Cindy August 19, 2016 at 7:12 am #

    Lee’s Summit has an AMAZING mom’s group called Lee’s Summit play. Such a great resource for tips, ideas, events and support. They are even getting a Headquarters soon.

    • Tonya
      Tonya August 19, 2016 at 7:43 am #

      Yes! In fact, Lee’s Summit PLAY’s owner, Jessica Jackson, has recently joined our contributor team here at Kansas City Moms Blog. We’re excited about this new resource and to have Jessica on board!