Fall Faves: a Top Ten List

pickingpumpkinsFall is my favorite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I cherish all of the seasons (especially now that I’m a mom) – but there is so much fun to be had in the fall! Here are some of my fall favorites …

1. Boots, cozy sweaters, puffy vests, leggings, and scarves! Can a gal really have too many pairs of boots? I’m afraid I’ve passed this gene onto my daughter, too. She received brown fringed boots for her first birthday (last October) and immediately wanted to sleep with them. She has already busted her boots and leggings out this fall, too!
2. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks. This one needs no explanation. If you’ve not allowed yourself this indulgence, then it’s a fall must in my book! I also can’t get enough of the pumpkin spiced coffee from Barista de Casa in Liberty!
orchard3. Apple and pumpkin picking at the local orchards.  We love visiting the Alldredge Apple Orchard in Platte City for pre-school field trips and Schweizer Orchards is a family favorite, too! You can’t beat a hayride in the fall to pick pumpkins and apples. We also love going to the Apple Festival in Weston!
4. Fall snack mix in a big jar on my counter. There is something about that mix of sweet and salty that only peanuts and candy corn can provide!
5. Fall decorations. I heart the tiny white and orange pumpkins throughout my house. I also love that the four little hands in my home are constantly relocating these little guys around our house! I adore that the fake spiders end up on our pillows and that our four-year-old still believes his daddy and I are scared each night!
pumpkins 26. Pumpkin and apple anything … candles, muffins, waffles, apple crisp, apples and homemade caramel dip, and cider!
7. FOOTBALL … love having it on, love that my son and his daddy run routes outside and in our basement, love going to the games – LOVE that our Chiefs are winning and so are my Bearcats!
8. Soups and chili simmering on the stove and in the crock pot.
9. Roasting s’mores and hot dogs by the fire!
10. Decorating and carving pumpkins, making scarecrows, and dressing up for Halloween.

Thanks for joining me as I revisited some of the many reasons why this is one of my favorite times of the year. Here’s to raising a glass of cider and hoping that you and your family are enjoying this season as much as I am!


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