Food Gifts Kids Can Make


The holidays are SO MUCH FUN. Having kids around at the holidays is even more fun. The joy, the innocence, the unbridled love – it almost makes up for the early morning wake up calls and terrifying acrobatics my little men subject me to regularly. 

So what better time to get in the kitchen, make some memories and let them proudly present their creations to grateful friends and family. That sounds like a pretty good time doesn’t it? Most people have a few favorite cookie and candy recipes that remind them of home and holidays and those are certainly wonderful to send out to friends and family – keep those traditions going! If you happen to need a few ideas for gifts from the kitchen, here are a few kid friendly options I love.

Herb Salt
This one is so easy and such a lovely break from the sugar high of the holidays. Buy a big container of salt. I got a giant bucket of sea salt but kosher or table salt will do. Have your little ones help you chop up the fresh herbs of your choice (My 4 year old uses a plastic lettuce knife) or just have them pick the leaves off of the stems and throw them in the food processor. I use 1/2 cup fresh herbs for each cup of salt. Mix the chopped herbs with the salt (Perfect opportunity for some stirring help), then let it dry on cookie sheets for a couple of days. That is it. Pour it into cute jars or clear Christmas ornaments.

Infuse Honey
This is so easy and so fun. You can infuse honey with herbs or spices so easily just have the kids drop the whole herbs (rosemary, tarragon, whatever you like) or whole spices (vanilla beans, peppercorns, star anise, cardamom, etc) into mason jars. Fill the jars with honey and time does the rest of the work. Be sure to include a note with suggestions on how to use their creations. These are great for coffee, toast, glazing sweet rolls or even a ham. Use one as the sweet/spicy note in a salad dressing. 

Pizza & Movie 
Kids love to knead things. Throw together simple dough, and let them do all the hard work. Then wrap it up and freeze. Package it up with a bottle of marinara sauce, some shredded cheese and maybe a gift certificate to Redbox. Done!  Your kids are awesome! 

Sugar Scrub
This one is not edible, but you DO make it in the kitchen with food so it kind of counts. It’s easy, lots of stirring which at least my kids love and it leaves your recipient smelling like heaven. Try one of these.

Whatever you do, some kid tied ribbons and handwritten notes make the whole thing come together.

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