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I had these dreams of having it all together this summer. Planned meals of grilled meat, tasty fruits and crunchy veggies – all in season, delicious and full of vitamins. But then the non-routine of summer has hit. We cram in swim lessons and camp during the day, pack picnic lunches so we eat before falling asleep in the car for some questionable in quality nap time. For dinner, it’s forcing my tired, heat exhausted self into the kitchen to quickly eat before we are off to a practice, game or the pool. Summer is SO fun… and SO exhausting.

One or two nights a week we resort to breakfast for dinner, which varies from eggs and bacon to pancakes to cereal night. Since my kids would eat cereal for every meal if I let them, that’s definitely their favorite night! We try to balance better-for-you with fun when choosing cereals. We recently discovered Post Cereals® that feature major league soccer players on their front. My son, despite his baseball-loving Daddy, always names soccer has his favorite sport so it’s a win with him! What mom likes about the cereals is they are whole grain, fiber full cereals to keep them full longer and gives them energy to be active during long summer days. We have always been fans of Honey Bunches of Oats®, and my toddlers love Fruity Pebbles® for their fun colors. My husband and I have been eyeing the Chips Ahoy® box for our own little treat!

Cereal is also perfect for snacks. I’m always seeking new ideas for snacks but there are only so many granola bars one can eat in a day. My 4 year old loves anything he can put in a snack bag and carry with him and I am pretty sure cereal” was one of my 2 year old’s first words 🙂 

For more ideas, Post has included fun recipes that make for great afternoon snacks, post-game treats or breakfast on the go the fuel those little bodies before they head onto the field.

Soccer Fun for the Whole Family!

Starting this month, limited edition Major League Soccer (MLS) cereal boxes can be found at grocery stores across the country. These boxes feature Topps® MLS player trading card cut-outs.

Kansas City is lucky to be one of the cities chosen for a special event on Sunday, July 1 at the Cosentino’s Market on 160th Street. This FREE event includes cereal sampling, a soccer plinko game, limited quantities of temporary tattoos and a soccer photo opportunity. Check out the Facebook Event page here.

Giveaway:: Soccer Mom Survival Kit

We’re excited to giveaway two survival kits for the busy soccer mom from Post Consumer Brands. Join us on July 1st, live on Facebook from the event, to find out how to enter!


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