Goldfish Swim School: Learning to Swim Can be FUN

This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School, now open at 119th and Metcalf in Overland Park, Kan.
Goldfish Swim School

From the minute you walk into the new Goldfish Swim School, the only thing you have to worry about is swim lessons. Everything else has been taken care of for you – from the 90 degree pool water to the swim suit drying machine as you walk out.

The KCMB team was treated to an evening of exploring the new swim school, which just opened in Overland Park at 119th and Metcalf, – and we were impressed! The kids were entertained for a good hour before we even got into the pool, playing with the toy area as the parents talked. 

With memories of community swim lessons and jumping into freezing cold pools, I was relieved to find the pool more like a comforting bath. The lifeguards were the most attentive I’ve seen, helping kids with any sign of fatigue or struggling to climb on the boats, water motorcycles and more toys that were out for the party fun. The youngest swimmers appreciated the baby dolls and balls that helped them play (and get more comfortable) in the water.

Goldfish specializes in year-round lessons for kids ages 4 months to 12 years old. The teaching methods are based on the SwimPlay philosophy, which focuses on learning through guided play in a safe environment. Swimmers learn safety in the water  for age-appropriate concerns – first, learning to get themselves out of the pool and later, appropriate behavior while at a pool. 

The curriculum allows for fast-paced learning coupled with the consistency of the same teachers and the same lesson plan. Lessons are not based on a semester, so swimmers can join at anytime and move up to a next level when they are ready. Fees are based on a monthly plan – much like your gym membership – and with discounts for additional family members.

The school is decorated in a bright, tropical theme with friendly decor that appeals to kids. Our kids’ favorite were the benches shaped like surfboards. It’s fun before you even get in the water! The pool is set at a warm 90 degrees, which eliminates shivering kids and cries of “I’m collllldddd” immediately after exiting the pool. Showers in the pool area allow for rinsing off before going into the changing area. 

The changing huts are individual (well, as in me and my three kids) for privacy and even included provided Bumbo seats when mom has to change while holding an infant. An island with mirrors and hair dryers means no icy hair after a winter lesson. And for the moms who forget diapers or wipes (my friends, never me…), there are extras at the changing areas!

In the lobby, snacks and drinks are available for purchase as well as cute swim attire, goggles and swim diapers. Check out a full tour in our Facebook Live!

Swim schools are definitely an investment. But with drowning as one of the leading causes of death in kids aged 1-14, it’s clear why swim lessons are about much more than having fun at pool parties. It’s learning to be safe, and having fun while doing it. Goldfish has perfected this balance.

If you want to check out Goldfish, Family Swim Hours are Monday and Wednesday from noon – 1 p.m. and Fridays from 6-7:30 p.m. for both members and the public. Cost is $5/swimmer with a max of $15 per family. 

Get started on you GOLDEN journey today!

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