How We Fell in Love with KC During Blue October

Many of us weren’t born and raised in Kansas City, but the excitement we have experienced because of this game, this team and this city has so perfectly knit us together – like family we’ve never met but can’t remember living without.

We loved seeing the street corners with pop-up tents selling hard-to-find Royals shirts and hats. We loved how local TV crews filmed us buying up the last of the “We Own The Pennant” shirts and the sense of victory we felt when finally locating one in our size.

We loved the way the city’s fountains flowed blue, prompting many pilgrimages to take pictures of our kids dressed in their favorite Royals gear.

Jenna Royals blue fountain

Photo credit: Jenna Brack

We loved watching our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds explode with #TakeTheCrown before, during and after games from fans both new and old.

We loved how every business, school and yard seemed to display Royals love in the form of banners, chalk art, flags and golden crowns.

We loved watching games on planes during work trips, making the most of our inflight WiFi and sharing the excitement with perfect strangers seated around us.

Photo credit: Brieanne Hilton

Photo credit: Brieanne Hilton

We loved the spontaneous cheers of “Let’s Go Royals” that broke out at coffee shops, airports, on street corners and in living rooms around the city.

We loved partying like it was 1985 and engaging in silly rituals like sweaty shirts, lucky hats and lunch at Oklahoma Joe’s. We loved the woman we met at CVS wearing her 1985 World Series jacket, the one who had put the jacket in a hope chest after the win and hadn’t gotten it out until this month.

We loved how just as our social media feeds exploded, so did the fireworks outside during victory celebrations. We loved how our neighbors came together to cheer, whether as we walked past each other on the street or during block parties with outdoor screens showing the game.

Photo credit: Erin Roebuck

Photo credit: Erin Roebuck

We love the way the national media has taken notice of how amazing this city is – the food, the people, and most of all, its spirit.

Whether long-time fan or new to the bandwagon, we love the people of Kansas City and their ability to rally behind this team during the winning and the losing.

We can’t think of a better place to live, work, and raise our kids.

Thank you, Kansas City. What a ride.

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One Response to How We Fell in Love with KC During Blue October

  1. Tanya October 30, 2014 at 11:15 am #

    You summed up Blue October in KC perfectly!!! What a fantastic ride! How great it is to be a Kansas Citian!