I’m Sorry, Roots… Kansas City Has Stolen My Heart

Dear roots,

We need to talk.

I have nothing but fond memories of our time together. You are where I was raised, after all! My childhood memories are rooted in your short summers, your endless winters, your mud seasons, your insane number of black flies, and cheering for a baseball team that was cursed for my entire childhood.

When I left you 13 years ago, I thought “we’ll be back.” We tried out another state for a couple of years and I thought “it’s time to go back.” But then an opportunity in a new place presented itself and we thought “Whaaaat? OK, we’ll try it for a few years, and then we’ll go back.”

I’m so sorry to say this, dear roots of mine, but a new place has officially stolen my heart, and 11 years into it, I no longer feel anxious to leave and come back to you.

That place is Kansas City.

Kansas City Has My Heart

The fountains, the people, the cost of living, the fact we still have four seasons, but the coldest one is short and sweet (usually), and the tremendous love the people here have for its sports teams are just some of the reasons I love it here. It doesn’t hurt KC’s case either that this is place my husband and I went from just the two of us, to the six of us.

I mean, roots, I’ve even learned to like BBQ. Not just begrudgingly tolerate it, like when we first moved here, but actually like it! What?!

Really though, I knew this newfound love was real and lasting when I found myself cheering louder and longer for Kansas City’s sports teams than the teams of my roots. It’s hard not to love teams that have struggled mightily for years, and then finally turn a corner. I hear their names, follow some favorites on Instagram (Salvy is a must-follow!), and am actually interested during the sports portion of the local news broadcasts. Yep, I proudly cheer for KC teams – even this winter when Kansas City was in a playoff game against a team from my roots. Oh, the backlash from family and friends “back home” over that one!

Really though – that “back home” is what it boils down to. Home to me now is Kansas City. If I’m traveling, and am asked where I’m from, I used to say “Maine, but now I live in Kansas City.” Now? I proudly say “Kansas City!”, and only bring up Maine if I’m asked if I grew up in KC, too.

So roots, and family and friends that still live there, I’m so sorry. I know you feel betrayed – that’s a very natural reaction. Please continue to be happy for me and my little (OK, big) family though – Kansas City is our home and will be for a long time to come. This City of Fountains has stolen our hearts, and we’ll gladly show you around it whenever you can make the journey here.

Don’t worry though, roots, while I proudly drink coffee from my World Champion Kansas City Royals mug in the morning, I do know we’ll be back for your lobster & hugs periodically, and we still only use the syrup from your trees. Some things just can’t be replaced you know!

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