Joining the PTA – Why You Should Do It

Becoming a mother for the first time is one of the most emotional experiences possible. From one end of the spectrum to the other, it’s just like Glennon Doyle Melton calls it, “BRUTIFUL.” Brutal and Beautiful all at once. That’s why joining the PTA made perfect sense to me. It’s the place to be “in the know” and to make great connections with other mothers who want the very best for their kiddos, too. With all that said, it’s also been stocked with more teachable moments than a car seat full of goldfish crackers. 

Why Should We Join the PTA?

  • Play Groups – This is the prime spot for playtime with your kiddos and meeting other moms. I remember thinking that first day we walked in that we would be filling the calendar with tons of future play dates.  Instead, I found us doing exactly what we were meant to experience otherwise. While I love meeting new like-minded people, I wasn’t necessarily looking to meet new mom friends. I was there to be present with my children. Most importantly, spending that quality one-on-one time with them was my intention. Of course, there was the occasional glance toward the other mothers followed by a soft smile and “hello.” As a working mother, taking advantage of new adventures in the most creative ways is a top priority for me. There are only so many hours in the day and for the evening play groups they tailor just for us…thank you!
  • Book Fair – This is a full-time/week-long gig, mommies! We formed a fun committee this year to help with promoting the book fair theme, setting it up not once, not twice but THREE times in the same week due to a scheduling conflict, restocking the book fair mid-week with a trip to the local warehouse, buying loads of books for the littles, finally tearing down the book fair and claiming our earnings as our largest fundraiser. 
  • Volunteering – There are a ton of opportunities. Stock the Breakroom, Back to School Celebration, Preschool Fair, Book Fair, Reading Under the Stars, Teacher Appreciation Week, Art Card Day, Book Fair, Play Groups, Meet the Candidates, Book Fair, Story Time, Play Groups, Field Trips, Spring Family Celebration, Newsletter, Social Media and Book Fair!
  • Time Management – Let’s face it. We all have FULL lives. We will always find time for the things that matter. You may not have time to hand sew scarves for each teacher this winter but you could grab an extra Hat, new Underwear, pair of Gloves or Socks while you’re at Target to contribute to the annual HUGS fund. Every contribution matters!
  • Dinner Fundraisers – Just go. Please. Even if your children are so young and tiny. It takes time, preparation and planning to host these.  If you look at it right, it actually HELPS you by checking off dinner one night so you can feel good not doing the dishes all while giving back to your school.  Everyone wins. Your organization typically gets 15-20% of the proceeds. Unless you are our friends at Pizzeria Locale. They generously donate a whopping 50%. Scared to take the children to a restaurant where they are asked to sit still? Order carry-out if you shouldn’t be seen in public for too long.
  • Attitude of Gratitude – These moms and dads of the PTA do not work for you. That’s why is so important to pay attention to even the smallest details because again every bit of help should be acknowledged. Same goes with showing encouragement and gratitude for those that do show up for you. It takes a village!
  • It’s for the Kids – Your child and the school directly benefit from all the hard work of the PTA. You will never regret spending the time you did sharing your talents. Especially with the people and places where your children spend a large portion of their time. You’ll have the chance to share your special skills with the team and make a few new friends along the way. Our children might outgrow the friendships they create this young. Yet as their parents, most of the ones we are building now will be strong forever.

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