Things that Make Kansas City an AMAZING Place to Raise Kids

Things that Make Kansas City an AMAZING Place to Raise Kids | Kansas City Moms Blog

The Nice
You know it. Kansas Citians are NICE (for the most part). I mean every town has a few scrooges but if you’re hauling multiple little people around Kansas City, people will open doors for you – literally. They will help you out with your groceries. They will make faces at your kids while you’re in line at the post office. A group of men building the streetcar even chased me down one day to make sure my kids got stickers and stuffed bears, just because. On many occasions throughout my short mothering stint people have gone out of their way and taken their time to stop and help a momma out. Thanks KC, sometimes I really need it.

The Space
Isn’t it great to have all the comforts and convenience of a city but still some space for the wild things to run? My four year old always tells me we live in a forest. I really love that Kansas City is full of yards and green. I want my kids to be able to go to world class museums – but also ride their bikes and scrape their knees.

The Education
There are a lot of GREAT schools in the KC area but schools are not what I’m talking about here. Kansas City is full of world class libraries with amazing programming for kids,  and incredible museums like the Nelson, Science City or the WWI museum, full to the brim with educational experiences. We have opportunities all around us to learn about history, science, manufacturing, economics, nature, agriculture, art, music, culture, theater, athletics, language and so much more. I’m so grateful my kids have so many opportunities at an arms reach!

The Fun
People this is a fun town for kids. There are parks, pools, and spray parks all over the place. Free and cheap events for kids happen every weekend! There are huge playgroups, concerts, and amusement parks to be had. Whatever your kid thinks is fun Kansas City has something to offer (OK – There are no oceans or mountains – but lakes and hills are super awesome too!)

The Easy
In the grand scheme of things, KC is a pretty easy place to raise kids. This isn’t the most glamorous reason but it counts more than you might think. There are a lot of convenient factors that make the hard job of parenting a little bit more bearable, and added all together they really count for something! Free and abundant parking across much of the metro, many amazing hospitals including a great children’s hospital, grocery delivery including both grocery stores and farms, the very beginnings of convenient public transportation is starting. Kansas City is just a little bit easier, and thank goodness for that.

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