The Kansas City Donut Tour

The Kansas City Donut Tour

National Donut Day is the first Friday in June (June 1 this year!). Every day is a good day for a donut, though, and there are some great local donut shops in Kansas City to check out. Many donut shops will be celebrating (some with free donuts) so follow your favorites on Facebook to see what they have planned. Over the last few months, we visited a variety of local donut shops on my informal Kansas City donut tour.

Two things I learned: 1) To a kid, there is no such thing as a bad donut. 2) The early bird gets the donuts (and sometimes you need to be REALLY early). Here are some pictures and info on the local donut scene!

The Kansas City Donut Tour

Lamar’s Donuts and watching parades from a truck bed, a family tradition.

Lamar’s Donuts (9 locations in the metro area): This has long been my favorite local donut place (and the one my daughter calls “our donut place”). They have a rewards card that will earn you free donuts and coffee, and you even get a free donut on your birthday (and Mother’s Day!).

You can find Lamar’s in five states now but the very first location was in Kansas City and opened back in 1960. We frequent the KU Edwards Campus location because there is lots of seating and a great selection of donuts even well into the afternoon. Pro tip if you want to pick up donuts for the office: order ahead online so you can skip the line! 


Donut King (Northland): I loved the huge variety of donuts and the drive-thru window. Even at 2 p.m. they still had a full case of fresh donuts to choose from. The orange cake donut with orange glaze was my favorite. My daughter’s favorite was, of course, the one with sprinkles.  

The Kansas City Donut Tour The Kansas City Donut Tour

Doughnut Lounge (Westport): These are probably the classiest of the donuts we encountered. While their selection is small, the donuts are large, and they are DELICIOUS. The maple pecan blew my mind. My daughter was obsessed with the s’mores donut. We loved their comfortable lounge seating and cartoons were even playing on their big screen. They serve more than just donuts during the breakfast hours (and it is Westport so of course they have a bar, too!). This is a donut shop geared toward adults but still friendly for kids.

The Kansas City Donut Tour The Kansas City Donut Tour

Donutology (Westport): My daughter loved being able to design her own mini donuts and choose from their large assortment of toppings. There is also a full case of classic donuts to choose from. Donutology is owned and operated by the same people that run Daylight Donuts. They serve local coffee (Roasterie) and milk (Shatto). This is a really fun and unique experience for kids.

The Kansas City Donut Tour The Kansas City Donut Tour

Fluffy Fresh (Mission and State Line): These proved to be the most elusive of all the donuts. Twice I tried to get to the Mission location in time for donuts but they were sold out by 8:15 a.m.! I finally had success on a weekday at the State Line location. This is another cash or check only shop, and they have counter seating and a few tables, as well. They win the award for longest long-john! It barely fit in the box! The donuts may not look as pretty as some of the other shops we visited but they were so delicious. This place has a faithful following of early bird donut lovers, and I can understand why.

The Kansas City Donut Tour The Kansas City Donut Tour

I would be remiss not to mention the donut scene in my hometown: Lawrence. I grew up on Munchers Bakery donuts (the orange rolls are amazing) and whenever I get a chance I love to go back there. Ladybird Diner also offers creative and delicious donuts in addition to their amazing pie selection. I’m sad my kids will never experience the magic that was a hot donut from Joe’s Bakery. Gone but never forgotten!

Alas, our KC donut tour ended here, even though there are many more local donut places left to experience.

What is your favorite Kansas City donut shop? Where will you be celebrating National Donut Day this year?

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3 Responses to The Kansas City Donut Tour

  1. Shelli June 1, 2017 at 7:50 am #

    Holt’s donuts on Main St in Grandview! Yum!

  2. Sara June 1, 2017 at 9:11 am #

    Slivinski’s Kearney! Yum! gotta get there early for the best selection! They also have delicious cakes and other baked treats. Closed on Monday.

  3. Amanda June 1, 2017 at 2:12 pm #

    Big Daddy’s Doughnuts in Raymore!!!!!