Keeping Perspective in the Darkness

Another bombing. Another hateful attack on American soil. Another school shooting. Another American soldier treated unfairly. Another hate crime against an innocent party. Another unfair remark from people we’re supposed to respect.

Every time I turn on the TV, look at social media, or listen to the radio, someone somewhere is in the middle of a tragedy. It’s uncanny, really. Not to mention really unfair. We’re living in times where the media has a tight grip on every second of our lives. Well… not my life… but you get the point.

In college, in the Journalism school, we talked about what was “newsworthy.” Now every little thing is newsworthy. I’m not sure there is even criteria for it now. Turns out I went to college during the START of the evolution of Facebook. I remember signing a petition for my college to get a Facebook. Haha! “A Facebook.” That’s funny to write now.

My point is… what do we do with all of the media garbage that’s thrown at us? What do we believe? How do we filter it? What do we share with our kids? What are they already learning at school? It’s too much.

We need perspective.

I guess what I’ve always wanted is a world where my kids can grow up safe, be leaders and dreamers, help others, be kind, do SOMEthing with the gifts they’ve been given, and love one another. I don’t think I’m alone on that.

Some time ago, in the midst of channeling my energy to my husband and children while my head half cocked to listening to the news about another uncertain tragedy, I decided I wanted more. I mean, I’ve always wanted more. But this time was different. It sparked something in me. I usually get overwhelmed with fear. But in that very moment, I decided that I can choose one or the other–fear or love. So, in these uncertain times we live in, I choose love.

What about you?

I could continue this post to talk about how downright frightening the world is. And, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of dwelling on the darkness of it all. But when I do that, who does it help? It doesn’t help me because I get so debilitated by fear I can’t see straight. And we all know by now–if it ain’t helping momma, it ain’t helping ANYBODY!

So, mommas–I urge you to stop the madness. Whatever you need to do to magnify the goodness in your world–DO IT NOW! Sad, scary things will lie ahead, indeed. And there is surely a time to mourn those things. And when you do, call on your village. But what I am saying is that this world needs us to live in it.

We’re here, still living, on purpose!

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”–Mother Teresa  

Y’all, I saw this quote, had to have it, and it now adorns my living room mantle. It’s a constant reminder that although we cannot change people’s hearts or deeds by worrying, and we cannot change a diagnosis, we can love our family and love them hard.

Mommas, our little people will grow up someday and be able to see every little thing we’ve ever posted about them on social media. What does your story say about them? I love keeping it real because let’s face it — we need to! It’s refreshing to know other moms go through tough times, too. But let’s also be cognizant of how we’re building the foundation for our littles.

I don’t have an answer, a step-by-step process, or amagic solution to put on the market for us to buy into. But I do know that I want better for my children. I want better for my husband and myself. And I want better for others too.

So, where does it start? If we look at the big picture of life, it’s too much to handle. I don’t have the bandwidth to even think that big!?

To me, it starts at home. With whatever you have. With whoever you have. It starts now.

Get inspired by something. Gather people around you to cheer you on. Breathe in strength from the ordinary things. Write things down. Set goals. Create. Be simple. Believe. Enjoy your life. You are here & you are worth it

Love your family with overwhelming, never ending, reckless love. So, as long as we have perspective, let us make this world a better place.

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