Keeping Resolutions Going

Keeping Resolutions GoingIt’s February. How are you doing on those New Year’s Resolutions? For many of us the excitement of making changes has faded and many of us are right back into many of our old routines. Some of that is the reality of real life and some of that is because our goals don’t have a deeper reason.

I think February is the perfect time to talk about goals. You’re excitement has faded, your goals have failed. Now is the time to really evaluate your WHY! What is the WHY behind your goals. You want to lose weight, WHY? You want to learn Spanish, WHY? You want to keep a cleaner car, WHY?

The why is the deep reason that keeps you pressing along in February, March, October, December, and 5 years from now. The WHY is what will eventually bring change. In the stink of poopy diapers, car pool lines, busy days at the office and drama over being out of apple sauce packets, you’re going to lose your focus. You’re going to fail at YOUR goals. You’re a mom. Your focus isn’t on yourself 99.9% of the day. That is why you need to have a WHY, to remind you why your goals are worth achieving.

If you’ve already broken your resolutions, start again today. Remember goals can change, they can be adapted, reevaluated. Before we talk practicals, let me explain how goals have helped me personally, even in February! I’m always writing goals. Obviously, I geek out over them a little. Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and my husband and I even write yearly goals. Do I fail at my goals more often then I succeed? YES. Yet, I learn, grow, and change with attempt.

I have spent a lot of time shaping my WHY. Who do I want to be? What do I value? Want do I want for my family? All those questions shape my goals. Whether the goal is eat more vegetables or do one load of laundry every day, they all fall back on who I want to grow to be as wife, mom and friend.

Plan a time where you can take 5 minutes with a pen and paper and follow these steps.

Find your why.
Ask yourself these questions and use them to shape your why.

  1. Where am I struggling?
  2. Where do I feel stuck?
  3. What about daily life is causing stress or anxiety?
  4. What do I value?
  5. What do I want my kids to value?

Make three goals based on what you learned from the questions above.
Make them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. Example:Eat three vegetables daily for one week, Go to the gym two times a week all of February. Clean van out every Tuesday for a month (I need to make that goal for myself!)

Ask yourself why did I choose these goals? What part of my life am I feeling like I’m struggle in and need help?
If all your goals are about health, then it’s clear you are feeling stuck in that area of your life. If they are all about money then you are feeling the weight and burden of unorganized finances, etc.

Write a statement­ describing the WHY behind your goals.
I have monthly health goals that I’m working toward, year round. MY WHY for my health goals is to fight for real health in my life. To value a healthy body, mind and soul over a number on the scale. To fuel my body with what benefits my body and soul and to be an example of health and wellness for my children and clients.
Now is the hard part: try to accomplish your goals. When you fail, and you will, get back up. Write new goals. You’re always making steps forward. Take the time to evaluate areas where you are weak and make a plan to grow.

Busy moms, I know it’s hard. But I also believe that taking time to care for yourself allows you to better care for those who you love. Take a moment. Set some goals. What do you have to lose? A messy car or a few days of junk food. 😉

jenn-195Jenn is a Texan who never would have dreamt how much she would love calling KC home! She is married to the man she fell in love with in college and finds so much joy in being a mom to her three children (number four is on the way)! Jenn is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and NETA certified wellness coach. Her passion for health and encouraging women to fight for Real Health is what led her to start he own wellness coaching company, Real Health. When Jenn is not teaching fitness classes or meeting with clients, she can usually be found chasing her kids around some park in Kansas City, drinking coffee and wearing sweaty workout clothes.

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