Leveling Up at STEM with Code Ninjas

This post is sponsored by Code Ninjas, however opinions are those of the writer.

There is no shortage of extracurricular activity choices in the Kansas City area, but since each kid is unique and has varied interests, maybe there hasn’t been a “click” for every kid. Luckily, there’s a new option in town.

We saw a sign while driving, and my second grade-daughter perked up. “Code Ninjas!” she said. “I don’t know what that is, but it sounds cool.”

Her enthusiasm continued when we stopped by to check it out as a sneak peek before their grand opening launch. The waiting area is bright and clean with pictures of their iconic ninjas and inspirational quotes.

A “sensei” came to greet Hannah and asked a couple questions about her experience with coding. She was led to a room with laptops, books, and robotic sets to choose a coding adventure for the day.

Every student at Code Ninjas starts as a “white belt” as the program is set up like martial arts. The white belt material uses block coding, and all the following belts use text coding in Javascript, a widely-used coding language for web and app development. Each level has activity and game lessons and culminates in a robotics project. The black belt level involves writing and launching a real app.

This day, Hannah chose to code a pet to eat various food and give responses to clicks. The sensei made sure she understood each step as she went along and let her be independent when she was able. Hannah intently followed the command sequences and enjoyed making choices for her pet. At the end, she was so proud of her work and couldn’t wait to show off her progress.

Coding involves typing, math, logic, and problem solving, so it’s much more than “vegging” with a screen. It’s engaging with technology, and Code Ninjas makes sure it’s in a fun way. For kids 7-14, it’s a non-intimidating way to get a boost in STEM and gain knowledge in life skills. There are diverse program options such as after-school sessions, parents’ night out events, camps, and open houses.

Hannah likes computer games and also thinks creatively. Coding enables her to combine both interests by interacting with technology while being creative and having fun! 

Screen time gets much negative attention with kids becoming merely consumers of technology – but at Code Ninjas, my daughter was learning to be a master of technology, not a consumer. I’m excited when my kids can learn life skills while having a blast!

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