Living with My Nemesis

Living with my NemesisIt happened so fast I had no idea what was going on. One minute I was deep in the moments of motherhood with my precious baby girl. The next thing I knew, I was battling for my spot as dominant female of the house.

What I am about to share is a cautionary tale. You could actually be living with your nemesis at this very moment. It is the most terrifying, exhausting, yet oddly enjoyable battle you will ever face! The dictionary defines the word nemesis as, “an opponent that one can not best.” My “opponent” may come in a small package, but she is mighty and if I ever wind up missing… be warned, she totally did it!

I’m going to share with you my top 10 “nemesis moments.” If you can identify or relate with any of these, you are probably already living with your nemesis and it might be too late. I urge you to reinforce the doors, hide the breakables, and invest in earplugs. If all else fails…run far far away!

Nemesis Moments

  1. She refused to talk until age 2. She waited until the day before I was going to have her evaluated for speech. While we were on a walk, she expertly and articulately had a conversation in full sentences with a stranger! 
  2. The boys have began asking her where things are, because, let’s face it,  she knows as much if not more than I do about how our household runs!
  3. I slammed on the breaks and from the backseat without hesitation, I heard, “Oh damn it! Who cut us off this time?”
  4. She eats dinner slowly on purpose to hold the family hostage at the table.
  5. She told me at the store once, “You can’t buy that shirt, your boobies won’t fit in it!”
  6. After asking if her seatbelt was buckled, she sarcastically responded, “Did ya hear a click yet?”
  7. After every answer I give, her automatic response is, “NO!”
  8. She looks at me with such irritation, that I know the word she is searching for is that ‘B word’ but it’s not yet in her vocabulary!
  9. When I wouldn’t buy her something at the store she calmly said, “It’s OK, I’m sure daddy will buy it for me tomorrow!”
  10. After she chastised my husband over something he forgot to do, HE turned to me and pointed out, “SHE IS JUST LIKE YOU!!”

If any of these moments ring a bell for you, you in deed live with your nemesis! I wish you good luck! Settle in and enjoy the ride!! Remember to laugh! Life is fun! 

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One Response to Living with My Nemesis

  1. Lindsey November 10, 2016 at 2:08 pm #

    I LOVE this. Mine is not even two yet and I know this will be my life ? Her first word was dada and if I asked her to say mama she would smile and say mmm-DADA with a twinkle in her eye. My favorite of yours was the “did you hear it click yet?” Oh my word! I am almost positive I will hear the same succinct sarcasm lol. Thanks for the laugh!