Love Letter to My Instant Pot

Dear Instant Pot,

I feel a little funny writing to you. We’ve been working together so well though, and my heart is telling me it’s time to tell you how I really feel. 

I love you.

The way you bail me out at 5 p.m., when I suddenly realize I don’t have dinner started nor do I even have any meat thawed? Yeah, amazing. The fact that you can help me have an awesome meal on the table in under an hour makes my heart flutter (and my family grateful I didn’t just say “breakfast for dinner! Grab your favorite cereal!” again)!

The more you’ve showed off your one-pot-wonder ways, the more I fall for you. Fewer dirty dishes, because I can brown the meat and then throw the rest of the ingredients on top and walk away? Even if some of those ingredients are dry beans for chili? Goosebumps inducing! 

Applesauce in under 30 minutes? Or your perfect hard boiled eggs in under 10? Oh, my heart! 

But let’s talk about what really sealed the deal for me. When I discovered I could make individual, gooey, delicious cakes in you. 

For. Real.

So my dear Instant Pot, will you agree to being my new favorite appliance? You’ve officially bumped my Kitchen Aid into second place, and that’s a hard thing to do. 


Frantic, Procrastinating, Last-Minute Kind of Mom

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