Making Parenthood Easier: Baby Love, KC’s Baby Fair

Baby LoveAs I am clutching my newborn to my breast and holding the barf bucket for the 4 year old and trying to soothe both, I almost get a case of the crazy giggles. You know those…where you have to giggle or cry.

I texted my husband and told him about this scenario as I was washing out the puke and got this text back: “Today, your life sucks more than mine.”

And this is life as a MOM. Blowouts, crying bouts, sore nipples, puke buckets and exhaustion. Oh, the EXHAUSTION! Day after day, we plug away, trying to do right by our families. Trying to figure out how to breastfeed. Trying to figure out how to get more sleep! Trying to figure out how to not giggle when our toddler pronounces “fork,” well…you know! Trying to not feel alone in our daily frustrations and raise these tiny people to be good, smart, productive human beings.

I have five of these creatures I call my own. As a stay-at-home mama, I wanted to begin an event that helped mommies not only survive all of these days. Weeks. Months. But to be able to enjoy them just a little bit more. Motherhood in America is lonely. There is no village to help us out, unless you search. So I decided to bring this village to you as best I can. One day. Just for you mommies.

Baby Love was created to bring all kinds of resources to help make parenthood easier. New and expecting families and caregivers will gather in one beautiful space to enjoy a day of celebration, learning and pampering. Demonstrations to show you how to calm a fussy newborn. Tips to help with your baby’s or toddler’s tummy issues by simple baby massage. Classes to keep you feeling empowered to keep your baby safe like CPR training, car seat demos, and childproofing your home.

And the FUN! We need more fun in our lives. So come get a picture of your belly bump. Come get your kiddos pics taken. Come get a swag bag if you’re pregnant stuffed with cool gift cards and prizes. Come get a full body massage by professionals! All for free.

So bring on the barf buckets. Because Baby Love, Kansas City’s Only Baby Fair is here. At least for one day, join us for the fun, Sunday, June 12 at the Overland Park Convention Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Find us on Facebook  and Twitter @KC_BABY_FAIR!

About the author: Kristi Wilson is the founder of Baby Love, KC’s Only Baby Fair.

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