Meet Kansas City’s Mompreneurs: Busy Mom Cupcakes

It’s bright, it’s colorful and sweetness is in the air. Beth is busy with a million things to do, and yet radiating. Everything of hope is within these walls, everything of planning and reconfiguring and finallys. It’s her chance to take a risk, follow her heart, and set a shining example for her children. One so that they’ll look back when someday their dreams carry them, and believe that they too can expect great things from themselves.

Meet Beth Wooldridge of Busy Mom Cupcakes, Inc. in Overland Park, Kan.

Tell us about yourself and your business.
“I started my business in my house a October 2012. I have outgrown my kitchen and opened my first storefront in July 2014! I am a busy mom of five boys and wife to Craig.  Erik is 23, Raymond is 22, Hayden is 9 and our twins Adam and Brody are 7.  They keep us on our toes.

“Being the only girl in the house I joke that maybe someday I will have pretty things in my house but am proud to say we have had lamps for almost a year now, and the only that one that has broken was broke by the dog! My children inspired my business. It started out as simply playing around with created cakes and cupcakes that they requested. I found that I loved not only the fun in creating but then watching the joy on my children’s face when they saw what was made just for them. Balancing being a mom and a business owner can be challenging at times, but as long as I stay organized and continue to communicate with my husband and children we usually do OK. My heart just bursts when I hear the boys talk to people about our business and how proud they are of it.  My dream is to show them that if they have a dream… they should GO FOR IT!”

What has been your greatest success so far in your business or what are you most proud of?
“I am most proud of taking the leap of faith to open our storefront. Every time I’m scared of the risk we are taking of opening our own business I think of my sister’s words of wisdom when I discussed the opportunity.  She said, ‘Think of the example you are setting for your boys. They know your dream is to be a full-time cupcake maker but if they see you not pursue your dream and go for it, what is that teaching them? If your business is a success then they learn from that but if for some reason it doesn’t succeed they still learn that everyone should pursue their dream and like our Dad always said – GO FOR IT!’ I’m proud to say that my children will not only watch me pursue my dream – they will be part of it!”

Is there a story or an encounter that you can share to give us some background on the development of your business?
“In the Spring 2012, I sold my first cupcakes made from scratch in my home kitchen. I booked my first wedding in November 2012. From there, it exploded! More and more friends requested my creative culinary creations. The name of my store came my goal to help my fellow busy moms in the area mark one more thing off their party “to do list” — the dessert! The opening of my first store on 135th and Switzer is a dream come true and a necessity because I have outgrown my home kitchen.”

How do you balance work life and motherhood?
“I feel like this is a constant goal and sometimes we feel more balanced than other times. I find the more organized I can be the more balanced our family is.”

Tell us about your business and the product/service you provide.
“Busy Mom Cupcakes specializes in custom made-to-order baked creations. If you have a vision, Busy Mom Cupcakes will make it come to life in the form of a cake, cupcake or cake pop. I love using my creative side from trying new flavors to designing fun themes. By appointment, Busy Mom Cupcakes will arrange a private cake testing for you to sample multiple flavors and determine the best flavors or order for your event. Busy Mom Cupcakes bakes for weddings, baby and wedding showers, birthdays, and more.  Busy Mom Cupcakes can bake for any size event.”

Is there a way that you involve your family and children in your business?
“My husband is what I have come to call my ‘Partner in Cupcakes!’ It has been a blast doing this business together. We have included our children in many aspects of the business ranging from taste testers of new flavors, to helping pick out decorations for the storefront, to painting different colors on the wall to determining our store colors.”

What are you most proud of as a momprenuer?
“I have overheard my boys telling people that their mom makes the best cupcakes on multiple occasions, and it just makes my heart melt. I love that they are proud of our family adventure in cupcakes.”

What encouragement can you give to other women and mothers?
“Show your children that we all have dreams and if they want to pursue their dream… GO FOR IT!”
















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  1. Lucia O'Connor September 27, 2014 at 6:46 am #

    I love Beth, I always send my clients to her. It’s nice to read about a woman following her passion and making hers dreams come true. Way to go Beth!