Melissa Rieke Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories, Creating Priceless Art

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It’s not hard to get my two-year-old to smile, but to get him to stand still, look in a certain direction AND smile? No small task. Melissa Rieke, though, worked her magic during our mini-session last month resulting in beautiful images that not only captured my spunky toddler’s personality but even had him smiling at the camera.



When visiting Melissa’s charming studio in Bonner Springs, Kan., her newborn images were what captured my heart immediately. She spends hours with those in their first few days of life waiting for the perfect shot.


As we sat in her studio, I learned about Melissa’s latest project just for moms. We talked about how it seems moms are rarely in the picture. Instead, we’re behind the camera capturing life’s moments, carrying all the stuff and pushing the stroller. When your children are older, looking back at their mom’s life, will they be able to cherish your personality, your gifts and your beauty by looking at the photographs you leave behind? Wouldn’t beautiful photographs of you and your life be a perfect, heartfelt gift to leave as the start of your legacy?

Melissa created the Heirloom Society – Heritage Edition, bringing together moms to exist in photographs for their children. Moms will come into the studio each month to be photographed with their daughters, their sons, their spouses, their sisters, their mothers or their aunts.  These photos will create amazing memories and heirloom treasures for generations to come. In addition, Heirloom members will become a part of a private, online community to share the joys and trials of motherhood together.


About her work, Melissa writes:

“Starting with the Heirloom Society … the more I talk about this, the more excited I get!  Everyone talks about ‘the gift that keeps on giving,’ well this gift truly does … and it isn’t just for the person you are gifting it to … it is also for their family and their friends for generations to come. As we all know, moms are never in pictures … we are the ones TAKING THEM! The Heirloom Society is putting mom in front of the camera … SCARY … no … not scary at all! PERFECT … just what mom needs … just what her son needs, her husband needs, her daughter, her mother, her best friend! Think of how much you treasure that old picture of you and your mom …you know, the one you snapped on your graduation day … the one you hold on to for dear life because it is one of VERY few that you have with JUST the two of you together! Those are the kinds of images we will be creating with this journey through the Heirloom Society!”

The Heirloom Society kicks off in January, so there’s still time to reserve your spot. Learn more here.

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