Momminainteasy…But it Sure is Fun!

feeding twins

When you try to feed twins…

We’ve all been there right? Elbow deep in vomit or poop (take your pick), you haven’t showered in what feels like ACTUAL months, something sticky is on your foot, goldfish crumbs are all over the floor, the diaper bag you packed has old milk in it that makes you want to…vom. You can’t find the diaper cream you just bought…where the hell is the diaper cream? The shirt you decide to wear doesn’t have that much spit up on it (so you put it on and walk out the door…naturally). Catching a glimpse of your tired eyes in the rearview mirror of your car, you want to run away and cry in someone’s loving arms until you gain back all the sleep you’ve lost. 

There is nothing I love more than my kids… but dang. Momminainteasy. 


This is all before 7 a.m. most mornings. Am I right?

Or perhaps your story looks a bit different. What about the time you brought your first child home from the hospital? It’s all fun and games when you have nurses to help you. You have people bringing you snacks, and the baby is still in the sleepy stage. Then you get home and five days later… BAM! They’re awake. And so are you…for what feels like the rest of your life. You watch the monitor for their little chest billowing up and down because you want to be certain they’re breathing. 


But you know what?

You literally can’t do motherhood without crying. A lot. So, mommas…it’s OK! Sometimes a good cry is necessary to rebalance perspective, find peace, and set initiative. 

There should be a legitimate award that goes out to all the mommas out there. Like, even a participation award will do. Something that I can look at to tell me I am enough. And I’m doing a good job. Even if it’s a lie! Because you know what? We’re all in this together! 


Whether you have one, two, or twelve kids, we should all really do less judging and more hi-fiving to each other. 

We should all invest in stock for dry shampoo. 

Amazon should pay US for being their biggest supporter of Prime shipping. 

Target should give us a pat on the back and a gift card for every package of diapers or formula bought there.

Starbucks should have a “Moms Are Awesome” day, where moms get a free cup of joe for keeping tiny humans alive. 

No, but seriously… I think if I had a nickel for every conversation I’ve ever had with my momma friends about how momminainteasy, I’d be a millionaire. We all would.

Like the time your son wouldn’t take a bottle. For anyone. Ever. For 11 1/2 months.

Or the times your kids would not go to bed and somehow live on superhuman strength from the energizer bunny. Seriously. I’m so tired. 

Or the times I had to leave places with a kicking and screaming toddler…only to smile at patrons and lovingly reassure them, he is mine. 

Or the times my two year old would yell at our nanny and tell her to go home because he wanted Grandma instead. Oops!

Or having a two year old and bringing twins into the world — and raising three kids two and under. 


No matter how many times you’ve said OUT LOUD, “momminainteasy,” there are even more times that I bet you’ve said, “but it sure is fun.” 

Like the time you decided to go out to dinner with all the kids on a whim and it didn’t end in tears, no poop came out of the diaper, and you weren’t sweating. Hey, sometimes all the stars align. 

Or the time your child put himself to bed because he was so tired. (P.S. That only happened like once).

Or the first time you saw the look of pure joy on your child’s face when they opened a present.

Or when they start kindergarten and you anticipate them crying, but instead they’re so big and *gasp*…ready… for the coming year ahead of them. Somebody pass the tissues. 

Or the time your tiny baby looked up at you and said, “hold you momma.” I die. 

Or the time you, perhaps, lost a child due to miscarriage. And now that you have your baby in your hands, you realize this whole motherhood thing isn’t what you thought it would be… yet it’s even better than you hoped it would be. 

I’m tellin’ you… 


Sometimes I catch myself looking at my kids. I see how their eyes dance around when they learn a new skill as mommy and daddy are watching them. The baby smell and the smile on their faces as I enter the room in the mornings…even if it was a long night… are things that won’t last forever. But the sweetest memories will remain.

Babies don’t keep. Kids grow up. Moms do, too. 

And even though momminainteasy, there is reason to talk about and, in a way, celebrate it! In the midst of the parenthood madness, there are lessons to learn, ouchies to kiss, bedtime stories to read, baths to give, coffee to drink, and tears to wipe. 

I’ll be the first to say and and agree with people about how being a mother is hard work! Especially in today’s world–where people are judging. Your. Every. Move. 


Let’s just all be moms, mmmmmk? Let’s give ourselves fully to the season of motherhood. The hard times, but most importantly the good times and the feelings that no amount of money can buy. Cheers to the sleepless nights, but let’s also celebrate the first smiles, first steps, first game, first dance recital, first day of school, first breath, and first word. Let’s focus on being present in the moment.

Even when momminainteasy…

Because this…this sure is fun isn’t it?!

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