A Mom’s Guide to Coffee in Lee’s Summit

We over here in Lee’s Summit are pretty spoiled. Award-winning parks, chart topping downtown, highly accredited schools, delicious food choices, and some of the best coffee shops around. The variety of coffee shops here offer something to fit everyone’s style, taste and current coffee need.

Here are my top picks in the most mom important categories.

The Trusted Go To Stop
Whistle Stop
We all know and love this stop! Perfect anytime. You’re always welcomed with warmth and smiles from their amazing staff. These gals go above and beyond, and we appreciate them fueling the city of Lee’s Summit everyday! Their space is perfect for professional and casual meet-ups. You can come here and focus to get all your work done, get in some old fashioned facetime with your friends, or just get lost watching the trains go by.

Not only do they have an amazing coffee/tea/smoothie selection (my favorites are spiced chai and iced hazelnut lattes) but they offer a tasty and quick breakfast menu, and a great light lunch. Enjoy a treat with your coffee from a beautifully decorated sugar cookie, giant rice krispy treat, and an assortment of breads, pastries, muffins and more. They are also offer allergen friendly choices and have dairy, and gluten free options! Mommy time, or taking the kids in, you can’t go wrong here for a quick cup of coffee or sitting and enjoying the sounds and people.

The Need Adults Stop
Post Coffee
If you are in need some of  adult/me time Post is perfect! It’s trendy and welcoming! Their industrial interior, visually pleasing brewing process, and chill vibe will have you feeling like an adult human being, instead a food smeared, yoga pants whirlwind. You’ll remember that once upon a time you were cool, and young, and had free time. Plus you can totally indulge because they have donuts!

This is the place I do not bring kids. (although  they are very welcoming to kiddos and have a changing table!!) Take a sketchbook, journal, read, or write this is such a nice spot to fill your youth cup up again. Or meet up for an adult conversation and enjoy one of their thoughtfully brewed cups. We love Post for offering such a unique stop and quality coffee!

The Quality in a Hurry Stop
Caribou (and HyVee Gas for selling Caribou!)
Sometimes you gotta drive. With kids. And all their crap. Drive through coffee is the only way! (dont worry we love Starbucks too). Or grab a fresh, hot cup on the get to all the things you’re running late for. Just because you’re on the hot mess express doesn’t mean you cant have quality coffee. My go to drink at the drive through is their version of an Iced Caramel Macchiato, or swinging in at 6am on my way to work. We love having this coffee choice conveniently placed around town! If you actually have time check out their indoor area as well. Another great friend meet up spot. I love connecting with a smaller group around their fireplace or on their patio. Cozy in the winter, and refreshing in the summer. Great space to stop and check out during your next cup!

The Distraction Stop
Poppy’s Ice Cream & Coffee House
In case you need a diversion to get in some caffeine head to Poppys! Treat the kiddos to ice cream and enjoy one of their espresso drinks! Their amazing flavors of homemade ice cream (dairy free available!) are the perfect pairing. You are sure to sneak in a few peaceful sips while the kids indulge in their ice cream! You can even grab a pint to take home to hide in the freezer for later which is another awesome reason to sneak a coffee break here. 

The #momlife Stop 
Starbucks in Target
You know you do it. And love it. This stop  is for those magical moments when you’re alone and you need to “grab a few things” The kids are content. Your awesome husband knows exactly what you need and says take your time, I’m good here. You need toilet paper and self care. He knows you’re not just going for TP, and that’s why you married the guy. I love trying new things from their menu. We all have our Starbucks faves, for like ever, so nice to be a little adventurous with your choice. I quickly grab the necessities. Then (important step!) set a budget  and walk around till I find the prize. And of course ,I always end up in the dollar spot, buying all the things for my kiddos. They drive me crazy, but man they’re amazing little humans. This is my guilty pleasure, and despite it’s stereotype is one amazing way to enjoy my coffee.  

Some other awesome stops to check out:

Love, Coffee  is new and off to an amazing start! They also have a drive through if you’re needing to add another stop on you’re desperate for caffeine drives.

Coffee Cove near Lake Lotawana feels like a little vacation. Escape your routine to stop in and check out their cute shop and take a drive around this little lake community!

No matter what type of coffee you’re seeking, these Lee’s Summit stops are always spot on! 

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