Mother’s Day Gift Guide: What She (Really) Wants

Mother’s Day is on the horizon, but perhaps your children and/or significant other have waited until the last minute to think about a gift. Luckily some of the best gifts you can give are not sold in a store! Just forward this post to that special person in your life or share it on their Facebook wall. No need to be subtle here!

This is a gift guide for what that special mother in your life really wants.

1. A nap. Take the children out of the house for an outing, giving mom some peace and quiet and time to herself. Maybe she will take a nap. Maybe a quiet bath. Maybe she’ll take a nap in the bath.

2. A special meal she does not need to cook or clean up for. Take her out to her favorite restaurant, or simply a place of her choosing. You might go all out with a babysitter and plan an entire date! For all those times she has spent on her hand and knees wiping thrown food from under the table… every mom will welcome the break and time together.

3. Some free time to do whatever she wants. If the special mother in your life is anything like me, some quiet time in a coffee shop with a good book does wonders for the soul! Kick her out of the house for some wide open free time to do whatever sounds good. Maybe she will sip some coffee without little hands trying to grab the hot mug. Maybe she will be able to read a few chapters of that book that’s been sitting on her nightstand. Maybe she wants to go shopping, or grab a pedicure. Whatever it may be, you get major bonus points if she comes home to a clean and picked up house.

4. Something homemade by the kids. The sweetest Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive or fancy. Something made just for her is a fun and sentimental way for kids to join the celebration! One friend of mine has a special book where her kids all draw a picture for her for every holiday. Everything is kept in one place, and she has a treasury of sweet memories to look back on as her kids grow!

5. Something just because! Flowers. Chocolate. A spa treatment. A pretty mug and Starbucks gift card. Those earrings she’s had her eye on. As a mom I tend to focus on the needs of my kids to the exclusion of anything that feels “extra” or pampering for myself. Splurge and do something to show her how appreciated she really is!

I hope every mom out there knows just how incredible she is every single day of the year. Raising tiny humans is hard work! Do something fun and relaxing, and enjoy the time with people that you love. And hey, if you’re really lucky, you might even get to use the bathroom alone!

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