My Top 5 Baby Registry Items

DSCN1857After surviving the baby phases with three kids, I have learned a lot about what the essentials of baby gear. I love reading reviews, discussing products in baby gear forums and speaking with baby store consultants about the newest gear available. While a stroller and carseat are surely the top items needed for any new mom, here are my favorites to add to your baby registry.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer
What I love about this bouncer is that it is lightweight and folds flat for travel or storage. It has three positions that baby can play, rest or sleep. This bouncer uses the babies natural movement to create a slight rocking movement, and it has a higher weight capacity than many other popular bouncers on the market (up to 29 pounds). My son was in it until he was 18 months old, but I know people that used it until their child was two years old.

Ergobaby or Tula Baby CarrierIMG_7055
The reason I love soft structure carriers like these is because I have back issues so it was really important that I find a carrier that puts the weight of the baby on my hips versus my neck and upper back. These carriers also have a wonderful head support hood, which is great in the sun or when you don’t want people to breath on or touch the baby.

I enjoy using wraps, slings and other type of carriers but when it comes to functionality, these carriers are my favorite because I can get them on and off very quickly, which is great when running errands. Wearing babies helps you to get things done so you can have both hands available, relaxes and calms baby by feeling the security of being close to you. It can also help with your milk supply since baby closeness will signal your body to make milk. I also love how you can “nurse on the go,” which comes in handy when you are out with multiple children, which makes nursing breaks a challenge.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blanket
Swaddling is another important way for babies to feel safe and secure. By wrapping them up, like a tight burrito, they feel like they are back in the womb. New babies have a reflex that makes them sometimes flare their arms, which can wake them. By swaddling, you can prevent this from happening. I attribute my great sleepers to this product! These blankets are made from a light, breathable muslin material. They are also great to drape over carseat or stroller to block out the sun or to use as a nursing cover.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teetherimg_0035
Babies very quickly learn to explore by putting everything in their mouth. It is so important that what goes in their mouth is not toxic or full of chemicals. I love Vulli products because they are natural rubber, non-toxic and made with food grade paint. They are also phthalates and BPA free. Sophie was all three of my kids favorite toy!

Milkies Milk Saver
I over-produced BIG TIME for the first few months post-partum so every time I nursed, I would let down, what seemed to be gallons of milk, from the other breast. My breast milk would go through nursing pads, bra, shirt and spray anything (or anyone) in sight. OK, maybe that is a little exaggerated. By baby No. 2,  I learned about this life saver product. The Milk Saver is a silicone milk saver that you put in your bra, on the breast you are not nursing from, to collect milk that leaks out. By the end of each day, I collected 3-5 oz. and froze it… all without pumping!

What are your must-have baby items? 

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