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As moms, we naturally tend to put ourselves on the back burner. When we’re in a rush to get out the door every morning we’re usually too preoccupied trying to find socks for our kids (they don’t even have to match!) that we rush to throw on a bit of makeup and put our hair in a top knot rarely glancing in the mirror to see how we look. We become quite good at making ourselves look presentable in the shortest amount of time possible thanks to dry shampoo and a bit of mascara. I tend to go several months (OK, sometimes a year) between getting my hair cut because the idea of scheduling the time and losing inches that currently enable me to throw my hair in that messy bun terrifies me.

Beauty BrandsHowever, I always walk away from a cut/style feeling so refreshed and like a whole new person and I think to myself, “why the heck did I wait so long?” The renewed self-confidence I feel when I love my new do is sometimes just the pick-me-up I need to get out of a tired mom rut. So, when I had the chance recently to get a whole new look thanks to Beauty Brands, I was more than excited! Of course I was also slightly terrified to take on a look that might require more work and time, but my worries were slashed as soon as I met my awesome hair stylist.

Beauty Brands‘ stylists are highly-trained professionals who provide top-notch salon, spa and make-up services, and this was clear to me from the moment I stepped inside their doors. I’ve had some bad stylists in the past who never seemed to listen to my wants and needs, and that was not the case at Beauty Brands. My stylist went over my lifestyle with me, and I was able to express to her my need for a style that was easy to maintain, and versatile for everyday. We discussed what would make ME feel good, and she tossed around her ideas and even showed me some pictures so I would know exactly what she was thinking.

Beauty Brands

We went for a shorter cut and added some interest with color using the balayage technique. This style is great for someone who can’t make it to the salon as often to maintain a full coloring or highlight. She gave me great tips on how I could do it up by curling it for a date night, or on those busy days just use some salt spray and let it air dry. She also suggested using a root lifter spray before drying my hair no matter how I plan to style it, this would give my look the volume that I was after as my hair tends to just lie flat against my face. I had never even heard of this product before, but I can tell you after using it for just a week I am a huge fan!

Beauty BrandsOf course, Beauty Brands doesn’t just do hair and salon services, they offer a full beauty experience with top of the line make-up products for retail, and their make-up experts can help tailor the products to your needs. I generally don’t wear much make-up, but I do like to doll it up from time to time for a date night or fun with the girls. My makeup consultant gave me some great skin care tips as well as showed me an assortment of products available that would fit with my natural every day look. I loved the smudge pencil eye liner she used on me, as it allows for smudging of the line to give it more of a blended look versus a stark line. This is great for me as I rarely get that perfect line when I attempt to put on liner, and I can smudge it a bit to even it up and it looks great!

I am seriously loving my new Beauty Brands look (check out my live reveal) and have gotten so many compliments already! I can’t wait to get back there and pick up some of the other awesome products they showed me.

If you’re in need of a change or just some new eye make-up, do yourself a favor and check them out. Their staff really offers a top-notch full beauty experience, and tons of advice for the novice beauty enthusiast like me.

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