mom shame

The Mom Shame Game

I was at the nail salon indulging in a little pedicure love with my almost four year old daughter last weekend. All was going great until my nail technician asked if my daughter was my only child. “She is!” I replied cheerfully. Conversation over, right? Wrong! My nail technician went on for five minutes about […]

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Oklahoma City

Summer Road Trip: OOOOOOKlahoma City

This week we are bringing you new ideas for weekend family road trips from Kansas City. For this post, the writer received an all-expense paid trip, however the opinions belong to the writer alone.We are a road trippin’ family. We routinely switch off between Omaha, St. Louis and Wichita for a summ er weekend. So […]

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Highly Effective Kindergartner

Summer break. Finally. Kindergarten was hard. Not for reasons that I expected. We were prepared for navigating the frustrations that go with learning to read and write, we handled the transition to a school schedule, and grew into this routine. It wasn’t that. So many school shootings it hard to even keep up. Watching as […]

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A framework for managing (1)

A Framework for Supporting BIG FEELINGS

Young children are not especially known for their subtlety. Not when it comes to expressing their style, their opinions, or their feelings. We’ve all been witness to the meltdown in aisle 8, car seat tantrum, and the “I’M NOT TIRED” protest at bedtime. We know what BIG FEELINGS look like. Most of us probably know […]

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The Bedtime Battle

Our four-year-old daughter, Madeline, is our rainbow baby. Our first born, our son, Joshua, was passed away 36 hours after he was born the year before his little sister. When we had Madeline, I can remember being afraid to put her down in the hospital. I held her all night. I held my breath as […]

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Surviving Year 7

My husband and I are about to pass the eight year mark in our marriage. Several months ago, the thought of actually making it to our anniversary date, still together, seemed improbable to me. We had gotten to a point in our relationship where I felt the only viable solution toward happiness for myself was […]

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Why We Love Camping

Growing up, my family did not go camping. Our idea of “roughing it” was sharing a hotel room with just one bathroom. The entire idea of camping was completely foreign to me. Why would anyone want to sleep in the woods? Without air conditioning? I was surprised as anyone when my husband and I got […]

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