Parents’ Guide to Day Out With Thomas

Day Out With Thomas

They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight… and they’re coming to Kansas City! Well, no, they’re actually just two and one (not sure why Thomas’s number isn’t included in his own theme song) and they’re coming to Baldwin City, Kan. next month! So gather your little train lovers (because they’ve probably already seen the commercials) and prepare for a day of fun and grueling heat with Sodor’s finest! And Percy.

Yes, Day Out With Thomas will be a dream come true for your children; a day to be remembered for months and even years to come. Your child could literally spend the entire day with Thomas and still have to be dragged out. But before you head out to Sodor Baldwin City, allow me to fill you in on what to expect, so you can make the most of your day.

Train Ride on Thomas or Percy

Treating Percy with the appropriate amount of apathy.

This is the main event and your children will not want to waste a moment before getting on that train! If you were lucky enough to land Thomas tickets, talk it up! You’re on the Number ONE engine – the star of the show – and isn’t that cool? It’s definitely cooler than being on Percy. He’s not even the number two engine. That would be Edward, who is rarely on the show, but assuming that engine numbers are like power rankings (Thomas is #1, after all), he’s way more useful than Percy. Look at those poor fools on Percy! 

If, however, you end up settling for Percy, you’ll have a little more stretching to do. Definitely play the “We didn’t even want Thomas anyway!” card. It’s a lie, of course, but maybe next time buy your tickets further in advance! Either way, since the actual blue or green portion of the trains is very small, you’ll probably end up on Annie or Clarabel. They’re just regular passenger cars, but if you want to avoid tears, they’re Annie and Clarabel.

Play Tent

Your child will enjoy entering a world of make-believe with all the Thomas trains he/she could want. Or at least the ones that the other children don’t want. Your kid will probably end up with a Whiff or a Salty, but if he’s resourceful, he could snatch up a Gordon while another kid isn’t looking. It’s a cut throat world in the play tent. Watch your back and your Gordon!

Tattoo Station

As everyone knows, a Thomas fan’s fandom is measured by the number of temporary train tattoos on his body. And on the outskirts of the play tent, your children will find a temporary tattoo parlor where anything goes! Not only will your kids be free from all train tattoo judgement, they will be respected for the quantity and creative placement of their tattoos. Three Tobys across the forehead? No problem. A Thomas on each foot? Absolutely. A sleeve of Bertrams and Skarloeys? Um, are you sure? Alright, you got it!

Because a hand tat would be too easy.

Storyteller Tent

I can confirm that there is a storyteller tent. I’ve been told that this is where a storyteller reads Thomas books. In my three Days Out With Thomas, I’ve never been able to withstand the heat long enough to find out. I’m sure it’s great. Just don’t forget your scavenger hunt stamp before you leave or pass out!

Scavenger Hunt

The origin of the scavenger hunt dates back to ancient times, with complex folk games such as letter boxing and orienteering. At Day Out With Thomas, the scavenger hunt consists of collecting stamps from each of the five or so tents and turning them in for Thomas noisemakers (just like in ancient times!). Enjoy the hour-long drive home!

Sir Topham Hatt Photo Op

Cake draft. Happy Birthday!

Sir Topham Hatt – cruel miser, oppressor, lover of balloons, and ruler of the railway – is beloved by children. My daughter requested “Sir Topham Hatt looking cross” on her 3rd birthday cake. I think kids might admire his imperious power. Anyway, the lovable old tyrant can be found with a fixed warm smile (much to my daughter’s disappointment) in a special photo nook. Get there early because the line is long, and whatever you do, do NOT cause confusion and delay. There’s nothing he hates more! 

Gift Shop

Don’t. Keep your kid from seeing it. Do whatever you can to avoid going into that dreadful money pit. Because once you’re inside, the heat is trapped in that tent with you, and you will buy whatever your child wants just to GET OUT.

But hey, enjoy your Day Out With Thomas! Your kids will have fun before they get overheated and cranky. And you’ll have happy, starstruck pictures of them with Sir Topham Hatt, which will be just enough to convince you to return next year. 

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