Pinterest – Love it? Hate it?



There – my inflatable soapbox is aired up and ready for me to rant about Pinterest.

Let me begin by sharing that I am an avid “pinner” – a Pinterest iPhone app kind of gal. The ease of quickly seeing lots of visuals for anything I search for is much more effective than a good ol’ Google search list to sift through. Who has time to click all those links to see the details? I need pictures – now, people.

Let me also share that I used to be highly organized and ridiculously type-A. I have found that the cure for this has been raising three kids (ages 11, 8, and 4), returning to school for my master’s degree and really too many other things to list. Our stuff doesn’t always have a place it belongs, nor does it always go back in its designated place (when it has one, that is) due to the variables mentioned above. So – how does this tie into Pinterest? Hear me out. Pinterest is a safe place for my organizationally-challenged self to create as many boards as I want – organized any way I want for as long as I want them to stay that way.

{Pinterest is just mine.}

I will admit: I have 140 Pinterest boards. I know in reality that those boards only exist online – but in my own crazy way, I see those boards as a big library card catalog to hold ideas and possibilities. I can add endlessly to each board (totaling almost 5,000 pins to-date over the past two years). Yes – I will admit, that seems a little out of hand. But let me tell you why I have so many … and try to withhold your judgment until I’m finished.

{Pinterest is just mine.}  

No one moves my pins. I can catalog whatever I want. Some get re-pinned, but that is because someone else thinks it’s a good idea, plan, recipe … even just a clever photo from a website. Take, for example, my board with the highest number of pins: “Brain, Heart & Soul Food” with 2,703 pins (and counting!). Why? What in the world?  Well … I love words. I love quotes. I love the thoughts they stir within me and the wisdom they often share. Words are my thing, you see, and the cool thing about Pinterest is that it lets me collect as many thoughts as I want and nothing gets cluttered.

So – maybe words aren’t your thing.

Maybe it is …

fashion — art — sewing — photography — crafting — books — architecture — cooking

… or one of the thirty-one total Pinterest categories available for us to explore.


Pinterest is not there to make you feel bad.  

Let me repeat that:

Pinterest is not there to make you feel bad.

You choose to do that.  

I know I will never make the 1,000+ recipes I have on twenty different recipe boards, but I have no guilt. HOW? Because I also have over twenty-five cookbooks with recipes I have never made and likely never will  make.

Resources are just that – resourceful.  

So … when you need ideas for

——–> Superhero capes

——–> Hello Kitty sleepover ideas

——–> How to get rid of ants

——–> Planting a garden

——–> What to do with a toddler after you have tried everything you know to entertain one

——–> Risotto

——–> School party ideas

——–> Cleaning tricks

——–> Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur graphics

——–> How to make freezer meals

——–> How to match an outfit


go to Pinterest.

In conclusion: Pinterest is a resource. It is optional. If you feel guilt, then stop.

Life is too short.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pin more deep thoughts, snarky fun, and recipes I may never try.

(Deflating … soapbox …


Brain, Heart & Soul Food on Pinterest

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2 Responses to Pinterest – Love it? Hate it?

  1. Leah Lambart February 27, 2014 at 1:30 pm #

    Love this post! I feel the same way.., thanks for putting it into words. It’s all mine!!! And it’s organized and pretty. 🙂

  2. Eniola February 28, 2014 at 5:06 am #

    I LOVE pinterest! I feel the same about it is mine. It is a great resource. When I need a fresh idea all I need to do is go and see what is out there. I am a teacher and I have found some GREAT teaching ideas for the classroom. I use it as PD. I am sharing ideas with other teachers that I will probably never meet. Thanks for the post. I am now off to check out your boards and pin some great resources :).