Pregnancy Must-Haves

In anticipation of this spring's opening of The Birth Place, featuring a Level II NICU, we have partnered with Olathe Medical Center and local mom, Sarah, to document her pregnancy and birth journey in this new space.

With each of my pregnancies, I’ve tried not to purchase too many pregnancy items because, let’s face it, they’ll only get used nine months! Having said that, whether you’re a pregnant momma or know someone who is, there are a number of great tools and products that can make any mom’s pregnancy experience better (and more comfortable!). Here are some of my must-have pregnancy items:

Cocoa Butter lotion
I have used this religiously from the day I have found out I was pregnant with each of my babies. I swear this is why I have very few stretch marks! Definitely getting tired of the smell, though. 😉

I’m blessed that heart burn is really the only negative pregnancy symptom I experience. They say it’s a sign the baby has hair, so I’m going to assume this baby is going to come out needing a haircut! My first baby had a lot of hair while my second was bald so I’m anxious to see whether this one will have any hair or not. 

Favorite water bottle
Pregnant or not, I’m terrible at drinking enough water – but if I fill one of these up in the morning, I’m more likely to meet my water intake goals for the day.  

Maternity leggings
Leggings are all the rage these days. You can find them in most any clothing store. Again, I don’t want to spend too much on clothes I’ll only wear for a couple of months but these are reliable pieces at a great price. I wear non-maternity leggings, too, but have found the full-panel pregnancy leggings are much more comfortable.

Maternity tank tops
I wear a tank top under my shirt every day so maternity tank tops are a must. In addition to being comfortable, they provide extra-long coverage so I don’t have to worry about my belly peeking out from under my shirt.   

Pregnancy pillow
When you can’t sleep on your stomach or back, pregnancy pillows are lifesavers! I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I love the support it gives, but moving that thing around in the middle of the night is a pain! I think my husband gets jealous of my relationship with my pillow.

Pregnancy app
Do you ever lose track of just how far along your are in your pregnancy? There are so many apps now that can help you remember! I can see how far along I am along with information about the baby’s development level. My daughter asks every few days if the baby is a new “food,” so even she can pull up the app and see what food we can compare the baby to (even though there are some weird ones).

Other items that can’t be left off the list: naps! Comfortable shoes, essential oils, pain killers… and did I mention sleep?

Many pregnancy items like these will be available at the OH! Baby Boutique, Olathe Medical Center’s new gift shop in The Birth Place. Follow this series for a special offer for KCMB readers once the gift shop is open!

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About the author: My name is Sarah and I’ve been a Kansas gal my whole life; born and raised in Manhattan but have been living in KC for 6 years. I have a degree in Family Studies and Human Services and I’m wife to Derek and mom to Collins (4), Brooks (2) and baby 3 who will arrive this Summer. We are big K-State fans and also cheer for our Royals and Chiefs. We are lucky enough to have a lot of family close by so we enjoy spending as much time as we can with them or doing all the fun things KC has to offer. 

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