Reasons Why We’re Crying: KCMB Toddlers Talk

All I’m trying to do is enjoy my life. Get through the day with the least amount of discomfort as possible.  Sure, I know they’ll make me get dressed, bathed, and eat. And these things are necessary… I guess. But I should have some say in how it’s all done, right? They don’t know how difficult it is to live life with someone telling you what to do all the time. All I want to do is play. And do things by myself. And basically do what I want, when I want. Look at the things my toddler friends, and I have been subjected to lately…

Fitz’s mom wouldn’t let him have Tylenol for breakfast! Doesn’t she know how well that cherry flavor pairs with his morning waffles?


Poor Charlotte’s mom wouldn’t let her have a drink of dad’s ice cold beer after she played so hard on a hot day. There is no explanation for this.


Anna’s mom regularly makes her wear matching shoes on the correct foot. That is so last year.


Lucy’s mother offered her a popsicle. 1. It looks like someone already took a bite. 2. It does not match her dress.


Dylan asked for a fruit pouch and was given one. It clearly was handled very incorrectly, and only his mother knows why.


Kate’s mother put piles of itchy material (she called it clothes) on her. She had no say in this whatsoever!


Bellamy was simply trying to enjoy her morning oatmeal, but her mom wanted her to sit in this uncomfortable contraption while eating it. !!!


Fitz’s dad was way more interested in his friend Hannah than him. Isn’t blood thicker than water?!?

I’m raising my sippy cup to all you other toddlers out there: Here’s hoping we get our way today!

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