We Rock The Spectrum: A Safe Space to Get CRAZY!


Their official slogan is “Finally a place where you never have to say I’m Sorry.” Their unofficial slogan, in my opinion, should be “Your child WILL nap.” And he did … for two hours!

My son’s fists were clenched and his body quaked. I flung open the gate and he ran as if bulls were chasing him – his Superman cape waving gently behind him.

This week, Ben and I explored an area of the Northland that we don’t normally frequent. We hit up We Rock the Spectrum (WRTS) near Zona Rosa for some toddler fun during their Storytime and Playgroup sessions. The fun began when we walked into the indoor play area. My 2 year old jumped on a trampoline, swung on brightly colored swings and best of all: the shriek-inducing zip line.

He was free to run around without fear of hurting himself. No fear of me losing him or him getting trampled by older, more capable children. It really is a stress relief for me as I seem to spend a significant part of my day preventing him from hurting himself.

In addition to free play, Cassidi Jobe, owner and fellow Northland mom, has put together Storytime and Playgroup for a little more structured fun. The class was included in our price of admission and Ben was very proud of the apple tree he painted using cotton balls.

In addition to Storytime and Playgroup, WRTS also offers Movin’ with Music, a music class led by Stepping Stones KC. Fun, catchy songs are performed and children get to sing along as well as play various instruments and show off their best dance moves. The instructor does a wonderful job of involving children of all ages. The best part for me was that my rambunctious toddler could run around the gym and rejoin the group as he pleased. If your children love music or if you are looking for a fun, relaxed way to introduce the art of sound, I can’t recommend Movin’ with Music enough. The price is also included in the admission fee. 

All the WRTS instructors are occupational therapy students from UMKC which has developed a special program just for We Rock. The gym aims to be a place where children of all abilities can learn and play together. It includes 10 pieces of specialized equipment specifically designed for children with sensory processing disorder.

WRTS’ “Rock Shop” has the best selection of Melissa & Doug toys around. They have unique birthday party packages as well as camps for Winter Break (it’s coming up, ladies).

“Classes are all abilities, all the time. Everything is adaptable to your child’s need. We are very well known in the special needs communities,” explains Cassidi.

We love supporting local businesses and local moms. We LOVE We ROCK – and suggest you give it a try, too. This place is so great – I use it as bribery for my 5 year old. “Finish your broccoli and we’ll go to We Rock!”

Happy playing!

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