Someday We Will All Laugh About This Right?

Someday we’ll think back on this time fondly, people tell me that. All. The. Time. They tell me that things were actually easier in this stage of life, that soon things will get much harder. REALLY?? I’m not sure I’m ready to hear that. Maybe it’s just brain fog, but I think I choose ignorance.

Someday we’ll think this is a cute story to tell at dinner parties, right? We’ll laugh about our baggy eyes, spectacular failures, vacations that were NOT vacations and think “Ahh, I wish I were doing that again.”

Explosions of bodily fluids, intense hand and body pain from the constant lifting of writhing little people, acrobatics off the coffee table resulting in trips to urgent care, bleeding cash like no tomorrow, it’s all going to be a distant memory faded into a caricature of itself someday, huh? Comedic fodder? I am going to be SO funny.

It will be like the story we tell about when we moved to KC. The one about when our car broke down and our apartment had asbestos, the phone stopped working, and we walked to Denny’s to share the only thing we had enough cash to afford – scrambled eggs. That’s a cute story right? Now it’s cute. Now that we are so removed that we can no longer remember the details. At the time, it was hard, stressful, wearing. At the time, we didn’t have the luxury of hindsight.

I just keep reminding myself that someday this period of our lives will be just like that – a faded memory that we pick and choose the happy, beautiful and funny parts of to remember.

We’ll turn them over, stretch them to fit the reality we need, and make them part of the fabric of our memories.

I can’t wait.

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