How Will You Spread the Love, KC?

Whether you adore or abhor Valentine’s Day, there’s no question that America needs a day devoted to love now more than ever. Polarizing politics have created negativity and hate, and Valentine’s Day is a day to put that aside and show the love. It’s the perfect time to get the kids involved in acts of kindness, and it’s the perfect time to show love by shopping and dining local. If you are wondering how to help spread the love this Valentine’s Day, check out some of our favorite ideas:

  1. Have your kids write a Valentine’s Day card for your mail carrier. Tape the card to a Little Debbie heart-shaped snack cake and place in your mailbox. Do the same for your garbage collectors and leave them on top of your trash can. This is a sure way to show your appreciation to someone many forget to thank. 
  2. Make heart shaped sugar cookies and spend time icing and decorating them together as a family. Show the love by giving away as many as possible to neighbors and friends.
  3. Create Valentine’s Day card boxes together. Shoe boxes work well or visit your local craft store to get materials.
  4. Make a Valentine’s Day themed breakfast for the family. Our family loves heart-shaped pancakes! If you are running short on time, simply add a few drops of red food coloring to the pancake batter and have pink pancakes. Or if you are a planner, you could make the pancakes several days before and freeze them. This will allow you to sleep in longer!
  5. Take your love to your local coffee shop and get a barista to make you a latte art heart. There is no better way to set the spirit of the day than a heart in your java! Take a picture and post a happy Valentine’s message to all of your friends on social media!
  6. Visit Christopher Elbow’s Chocolate Store at 1819 McGee Street in Kansas City to get your love (or yourself) some of Kansas City’s best chocolate. Or visit online.
  7. Visit Boulevard Brewing Company at 2501 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City to get your Chocolate Ale — it’s a Valentine’s Day must have! (Unfortunately, your love may have to wait until 2018 for this one.)
  8. Get the perfect Valentine’s Day photo by visiting the “Kansas City I’m so in Love” wall at the Fortuity warehouse at 1919 Baltimore Ave in Kansas City.
  9. Visit Old Red Bridge in Minor Park to “celebrate your commitment by ‘locking your love’ to the Old Red Bridge. The placing of love locks is a custom whereby couples affix a padlock to a bridge, fence, gate or similar fixture so pronouncing their unbreakable and everlasting love.” Check online for more information including details on purchasing a specially engraved lock with a portion of the proceeds supporting KC Parks.
  10. Purchase heart shirts for the entire family at Charlie Hustle’s: 419 W 47th St in Kansas City or online.
  11. Go flying! Take the kids to iFly in Overland Park on Valentine’s Day and get $20 off using the promo code VDAY17. Register online.
  12. Eat dinner out at a locally owned KC restaurant or get a Take ‘N Bake heart shaped pizza to cook at home and celebrate with the family.
  13. Don’t settle for just any ole wine on Valentine’s Day. Visit one of Kansas City’s best wineries to show love to locals.
  14. Take the kids to Paradise Park in Lee’s Summit February 9-15 to celebrate Valentine’s Day with crafts and fun!
  15. Take a walk with your love. A walk costs nothing and may provide you and yours with some much needed catching up time.


  1. Create a special music playlist for your love. Include songs from over the years that have special meaning for the two of you.

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