Time to Clean House: Getting My SQUIX Fix On

This time of year is filled with the excitement of the holidays. I don’t know about you, but my house is always filled with the extra mess that comes with preparing for those exciting holidays. I’m constantly looking for new tools and products to help me keep our 100+ year old bungalow clean, which is why I was very excited to try SQUIX.

What is SQUIX?
SQUIX is a subscription box service that sends you cool new products to help keep your house clean. You can choose monthly or bimonthly delivery. In your box, you’ll receive three full-sized products plus a free gift. You simply go to squix.com, answer a few questions to create your account and you’re on your way. 

What’s in my SQUIX?
For this purpose, I reviewed the November QBox. The total value of everything in this box is more than $60, but for now you can get the November QBox for just $12.99 with FREE shipping. I’ll tell you how at the end of this blog. But first, here’s what came in it, and what I thought:


I first tried Mrs. Jones Soapbox Sparkle Spray ($9.99): 


My cabinets have some dignity again thanks to Mrs. Jones. The remaining dark marks are gouges in the wood.

You can use this spray on pretty much any surface in the house. My countertops are old. As a renter, I don’t really have the option to swap them out so I was curious to see what ol’ Mrs. Jones did for my scratched, stained counters. I was incredibly impressed at how well the spray removed the dirt as well as coffee stains. The spray also really brightened up my cabinets. They were just as beat up as my countertops. That was a nice surprise! 

Mrs. Jones Sopabox Sparkle Spray is an all-natural multi-surface cleaner, and if you hate the smell of chemicals as much as I do, this is a nice change. There is definitely an aroma, but it’s not harsh and bleach-like. I also used it in the bathroom on my mirror, and it removed the spots and dust with no problem. A disappointment, however, was how the spray worked on my microwave and stove. The packaging specifically says it works very well on those two appliances, but I found that it didn’t cut through the gunk as well as a standard cleaning product would. I’m going to stick to my regular cleaning product for my stove, but overall I was very pleased with Mrs. Jones and her Sparkle Spray.  

SQUIXThe next item I put to the test was the adorable Core Kitchen Pairing Knife ($8.00): I love this knife. First, it’s pretty. The knife itself is a cheery bright orange color, with little oranges on the blade that made me happy when I used it. More importantly, it comes with a blade cover that doesn’t easily slide off. This is a must with little ones. Speaking of little ones, this knife soon proved its worth when it became our go-to knife at removing the skin off apples. The Core Kitchen Pairing Knife also gave me the thinnest sliced garlic I’ve ever had (we use fresh garlic a lot in our house). It felt like I was Paulie from Goodfellas when Henry said that Paulie was able to slice the garlic so thin, it melted in the pan. Y’all, my garlic just about melted in the pan thanks to this knife.


The third full-sized item was the e-cloth General Purpose Cloth ($7.99): This little gem can be used without chemicals. You simply get it wet, ring out the excess water, then go to town. I used this on my refrigerator, and it did a pretty good job. Watch out for streaks with the e-cloth, but overall it works well. I think it worked best when I used it dry on all the wood. We have a lot of antique wooden furniture inherited from family. It was nice to get all of the dust and dirt off without having to spray something on the old wood. The best part? You simply throw it in the wash when you’re done. I washed it three times in the week between getting the cloth and writing this post. It is designed to last for 300 washings. One thing: if you’re not used to green cleaning, it feels weird not spraying a cleaner on every surface. 

Once you finish acting like a grown-up and your house is clean, you get to enjoy the two free gifts that come with this month’s QSquix Box: the Floor 9 Ho Ho Hot Oven Mitt Set ($20.00) and the Hallmark Home Red Embossed Tray with Spreader ($15.00).

SQUIXSQUIXThe mitt set is a nice pop of Christmas color for the kitchen. It’s made from quality, sturdy material and is just as functional as it is cute. 

As for the cheese tray, it’s small enough to carry from house to house during this season of holiday gatherings, but still holds A LOT of food. 

Now that you’ve read about all these great products, it’s time to sign up and enjoy them in your own home!

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