Staying Connected with the Family Calling Card

Valentine’s Day dinner with The Hubby is always one of my favorites. We vow not to chat about the kiddos, and this year was no exception – that is, until our last bite of dessert when I exclaimed, “We’re creating mommy calling cards as a fundraiser for the PTA!” He nearly choked on his white chocolate mousse and fresh berries. Between coughs, he replied, “Mommy WHAT cards? Why?”

Family Calling CardThe concept seemed simple enough to me: a way to give moms a quick means of connection in this crazy world we attempt to maneuver through every day. I never thought too much about the actual wording or name until my husband presented the term back to me in a much more risqué manner. He always is my voice of reason! After much discussion/debate, tons of laughs and a few text message exchanges with other friends who have young ones, too, we settled on a more politically correct phrase: FAMILY Calling Cards.  

So, what exactly is a Family Calling Card?

Have you ever met a fellow mommy during a playgroup, story time, birthday party or on the playground and wished you had a pen and paper to exchange numbers? Or (even more awkwardly) found yourself digging deep into the trenches of your Mary Poppins diaper bag to retrieve your cell phone? The Family Calling Card exists as a method of sharing your contact information in a fun and creative way!

In the last month alone, I’ve had to ask Connor numerous times what his friends’ mommies’ names are. Turns out, these are things they discuss in preschool! He rattles off their names just as quickly as he can recall the Paw Patrol roster. Still, it’s super awkward for me – especially when I keep forgetting and end up asking him again and again! “Celia, MOM! Her name is CELIA!” Geez…OK…got it! (Until the next time I forget.)

Family Calling CardHow will I use these Family Calling Cards? Here are just some of the ways …

  • Schedule a play date with your child’s classmate.
  • Share contact information with your babysitter so she can reach you or have quick access to your home address in case of an emergency.
  • Share with a new friend you just met to keep in touch.
  • Welcome new neighbors to the area by attaching your Family Calling Card to your homemade-from-scratch casserole (just kidding on that last part!). The card attached to a bottle of wine might be more indicative of your reality and theirs!
  • Use a card in place of a luggage tag or place one inside your planner in case either go missing.
  • Drop your card inside drawing/giveaway collection points at events instead of hand-writing your information to win.
  • List important needs or medical information like allergies on your card so everyone is comfortable and safe.

What other ways would you use your family calling cards? If you would like to join in the fun, you can receive 100 cards for $15. Better yet, maybe you are looking for a fundraiser for your organization, too? Simply comment with your email below and we’ll make the connection. In the end, it’s about working smarter, not harder and most importantly, it’s for the kids!

2 Responses to Staying Connected with the Family Calling Card

  1. Kirsten April 22, 2017 at 7:38 am #

    Info please! Hope it’s enough to have the email in the hidden section;)?

    • kristalr
      kristalr April 24, 2017 at 9:36 am #

      Hi Kirsten! Would love to share more info with you. I’m emailing you now! There are so many fun styles. Mine just arrived this week!