Stonebridge Collective, the Cool Store in KC You Must Visit

This post is sponsored by Stonebridge Collective, however opinions belong to the writer.

Listen up! There’s a cool new store in town, and you need to know about it. If spring has you itching to start fresh, I’ve got the place for you to visit. One step in to Stonebridge Collective made me want to channel my inner Joanna Gaines, and redecorate every nook of our home, inside and out.

Located in Grandview, Missouri, it’s centrally located for all of South Kansas City and an easy jaunt from any major highway. I was pleasantly surprised at the accessibility of their location, as I drove from Lee’s Summit, only taking a mere twelve minutes to arrive.

Originating as a landscaping and hardscape company, a customer first notices the large amount of eye candy for those who love a functional yet stunning backyard, located in their open-air showroom. I quickly spotted a modern trellis that would look lovely in the space in which our dog seems to always want to dig newly planted grass every summer and put it on my “must purchase” list. It was also hard not to be enchanted by the planters, cool fire pits and outdoor living accessories all of which boasted attainable price points. The cool putting green also caught my eye, as I knew I could entertain the husband for a future trip where I plan to purchase all.the.things.

Once inside, it was hard not to pick up something on each display shelf. This unique home décor boutique is like none other I have shopped. Its eclectic mix of outdoor and interior products makes for an interesting and pleasant shopping experience. The breadth of product available caught me off guard, but not in a way that was overwhelming to take in. From cool “bug houses” my boys would die over, to rugs made out of recycled water bottles, and quality made pillows in every cool print imaginable, I knew my wallet was in trouble.

For those wanting customization, I was surprised to learn that’s the distinctive specialty of Stonebridge Collective. One part of their company, known as Walter Carmichael & Co., specializes in providing locally made and sourced custom furniture. Everything from boot benches to custom dining room tables can be at your fingertips in a matter of weeks. Also, if you love a planter, but wish it came in a certain color or shape, they can probably order it for you, a dream for a design junkie like me who is always wanting something out of the ordinary.

After looking around and seeking help from Michelle, the lovely saleswoman that can put together a cool array of matching products in a nanosecond, I was able to grab three items for under $100. I came away with a 5×8 outdoor rug that will liven up our pathetic patio, a sweet smelling candle that will hopefully cover up the stench of mud soaked toddlers and a cute yellow salt pot for my kitchen counter. The only downside, I’m already regretting not picking up the bug house, a unique cement planter (for only $8!!) and a Pendleton throw. Twist my arm, but I guess I’ll just have to visit again soon.

I bragged about my experience to some girlfriends, and we now have plans to hit up Stonebridge Collective again on the first nice day of spring, so we can raid the store and make all of our Fixer Upper dreams come true! We all have different styles and home décor taste, but after one visit, I know it’s possible for all of us to leave with something exceptional that will perfectly fit in to all of our homes.

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