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Kindergarten is Hard … on Me

Preschool to kindergarten is a tough transition. It means less sleep, less freedom and less family time. It also means more work, more rules and more distance between friends in different school districts. It’s a major change that is bound to cause some tears and frustration. And yeah, I guess it’s also hard for the […]

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The Pacifier War

When I pitched this post idea, I was hoping that by the time it was written, we’d already be over the pacifier problem. Yet, here we are … in the throes of addiction. My daughter’s pacifier relationship began on the fourth day of her life, when our pediatrician shoved it in her mouth to help […]

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I’m Flipping Tired of Bottle Flipping

The sound of half-filled water bottles crashing to the floor or table, followed by the occasional “YEAH!” is driving me to the brink. Every night, I walk through the house and find half-filled bottles in the most random of places, and each night I empty them and put them back in the recycling bins… where […]

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I Love My Little Thumbsucker

We were at the zoo when it happened. Finn was one month old and enjoying his chauffeured ride around the park, the pacifier that he had clung to since birth firmly in place as he took in the monkeys, giraffes, and creepy reptile exhibit that caused his older brother to squeal with no small amount […]

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