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2015-16 Guide to KC Family Photographers

2015-2016 Guide to Kansas City Photographers

Kansas City Moms Blog is a collaborative online community including everything from parenting solutions, personal essays from local moms, regional business spotlights, and more. We frequently receive inquiries regarding family service providers, especially questions regarding local family photographers. We are thrilled to offer this guide as a resource for you, highlighting some of the best […]

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vanessa home birth

My Home Birth Story

Vanessa: There’s no place I feel safer than in my own home – it’s a haven. Josh: We planned a home birth. We hired a nurse midwife and her assistant, as well as a doula for our family. Vanessa: Both of my older children were born in a hospital; this time, I wanted a different […]

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Lucy Lynn’s Birth Story.

As “stretching” as pregnancy can be for me, I love labor. I crave the details of birth. Within days of holding my precious bundle, I was reliving her arrival, the hormones and sleep deprivation leaving me weeping over words of sentiment and spiritual realizations. (Read my initial thoughts on Lucy Lynn’s birth here.) And so, it’s not […]

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Birth photography: capturing your special moments

Many people who hear the words “birth” and “photography” together shudder as they picture scrunched-up-in-pain faces, less than flattering hospital gowns, smeared (or zero) makeup, not to mention the “aftermath.” Who would want to see that again? A lot of people, actually – and it’s becoming an increasingly popular trend. During the birthing process, there […]

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