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Everyday tasks

All the Small Things: This is the Work That We Do

Pick up the toys, wash the dishes, restock the diaper bag, fold the clothes, pick up the toys again, fold the blankies and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. As moms, we’re often the back-office support that helps makes our households run smoother. While we do very essential tasks everyday like feed our children and pay […]

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The Life CHanging MAgic

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I’ve never been one to have a perfect house. In fact, more often than not my house used to be crazy. As moms we all face the constant threat of clutter. There are always little minions going behind us, poised to undo everything we just did. When we got pregnant with our third I finally […]

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A Tidy Home Makes Me a Better Mom

Perhaps you’ve seen or read this poem: Or perhaps something like these floating around the internet: Poems like that and memes such as these make me scoff and then get under my skin. I am not the kind of person who can tolerate dirt and disarray easily. But, sometimes it feels like being a “good […]

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