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Mama’s Off Her Meds

I recently ended a serious relationship in my life after over nine years together: my relationship with my anti-anxiety medication, Zoloft.   I didn’t break it off suddenly, but after a lot of consideration and talks with my doctor I decided it was time to try to go off all medications I’m on for health reasons. […]

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So, You’re Facing a Major Diagnosis

Two short months ago, my baby received a Major Diagnosis (capital letters necessary). We took him to the hospital for croup. We brought him home with a diagnosis of left parietal encephalomalacia due to prenatal stroke, craniosynostosis, hemiplegia, hypertonia, and, eventually, cerebral palsy. Worst surprise ever? Worst surprise ever. I don’t claim to be an […]

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To The Mom Whose Spouse Travels

My husband travels for work. A lot. Sometimes it’s for one or two days at a time. Sometimes it’s for a week or longer. When he first started out with his current job, he actually had to move to another state to train, and was gone for seven months! It was basically like a military […]

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