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Daycare Doubts: Questions to Ask When Choosing Childcare

It’s one of the toughest decisions you will make as a parent. Choosing a babysitter or childcare provider can come with lots of questions, concerns and doubts. Let’s be honest, if you need a a babysitter, nanny or childcare provider than your child will most likely spend more time in their hands than in yours. […]

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Daycare Parking Lot Drama

As a working mom, mornings can feel like a sprinted marathon that I must complete within a specific window of time: daycare drop off at between 8:30-8:45, me getting to work by 9. Usually, I’m barely finishing without collapsing. That’s why the daycare drop-off is KEY in getting to work on time. But sometimes, it […]

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When Developmental Milestones Aren't Met

When Developmental Milestones Aren’t Met

“Skill not mastered.” Those were the words used to kindly tell me that my son isn’t meeting the developmental milestones he should be at nearly 16-months old. His new daycare teacher had completed his 1-year evaluation and slipped it in his backpack. Consistently Cruising/Pulling Up — Skill Not Mastered Walking Unassisted — Skill Not Mastered […]

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5 Questions to Help with Daycare Transitions

Late last year, my husband and I started the search for a new daycare for our daughter (now 2.5). While some parents dread the seemingly endless process of calling, touring, interviewing, decision-making and checking references, I am an anomaly because I quite enjoy it! Before I share a few tips for daycare transition success, here’s […]

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To Work or Not to Work…

Every mother has asked herself this question at one time or another. Being a mom is tough, whether you work full time outside the home or stay home with the kids, raising kids and doing a good enough job that they become decent human beings is no easy task. Some moms choose to work, others cut […]

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On Being a “Daycare Mom”

When I returned to work after maternity leave, I cried. I cried when we dropped him off, I cried when we picked him up and they told me my 3-month-old had only eaten an ounce in eight hours, I cried when I realized I’d forgotten his lovey at home. However, I did not cry when […]

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The Bite Club

My phone vibrated in my purse as I pulled into a parking spot at work one recent Monday morning. I parked my car and checked the message, not at all expecting to read the words in front of me: “Sorry to report news like this so early in the day … your daughter bit another […]

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