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How to Discipline Your Kids Without Spanking, Time Outs, Yelling, and Negative Consequences

Note: This post is sponsored by, and written in collaboration with, Secure Counseling, LLC. Parenting is hard. Shaping little humans is the most difficult thing most of us have ever done. There are so many things I wish I had been open to someone teaching me before I began motherhood without my feeling like they were […]

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8 Tips for Making Time Out Work in Your Home

Suzie threatens Johnny with a time out. When Johnny’s behavior does not relent, she places him in a corner, chair or zone for a series of minutes (often corresponding to his age), with no toys, no attention, talking or eye contact.  If Johnny attempts to leave the determined spot, Suzie enters a power struggle with Johnny and replaces him in the […]

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The Science of Spanking

There are pictures of NFL player Adrian Peterson’s preschool sons with facial scars and leg lacerations from his discipline techniques. The latest accusations include a head wound Peterson said occurred while disciplining his 4-year-old for cursing at his sibling. In February 2014, a Kansas lawmaker tried to introduce a bill that would have allowed school […]

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The Three F-Words

At the dinner table, Sophie sits, whining about the chicken and broccoli casserole the rest of us are already eating. “It’s yucky,” she drawls. “I don’t want to eat iiiiiiiiiit.” “One bite to try it again, then you can make yourself a peanut butter sandwich,” I say, trying my best to keep my building irritation […]

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Lessons in Honesty

You know that powerless feeling? Like the time when you were 12 years old and your dad thought it would be a good idea to let you drive the dirt bike alone. When he let go, your hand immediately pushed the throttle completely down and in a panic, you can’t figure out how to get […]

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