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Therapy Isn’t a Bad Word

“Would you like to schedule another session?” The words caught me off-guard. The change was almost imperceptible, but it was there. A key word was missing from her usual question: WHEN. “When would you like to schedule another session?” That’s what I was used to hearing. Had I really done it? Was this the mental […]

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Bucket List

Adventures in Bucket-Listing

I was living a textbook life. I was raised in a conservative church, met my husband in the youth group and married him at 19. I finished my education degree and spent several years surviving the world of teaching while changing the lives of my students. I cried my way through fertility treatments and cried […]

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strong as steel

Strong as Steel

I can do a pull up. A full, real deal, no-cheats pull up. It took me 32 years, one Amazon Prime pull up bar order, and a final decision to train for American Ninja Warrior (ANW). But I finally accomplished the goal. (The first of many where ANW is concerned!) And let me tell you, […]

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Five Parenting Tips for the Uncoupled or Divorced

5 Parenting Tips for the Uncoupled or Divorced

The divorce rate is going down, but so is the marriage rate. More couples are having children as non-married partners. I’m a professional counselor (…substitute “therapist,” “shrink,” “talk doc”), and many of my clients are shocked to find out that I’ve been married, divorced and remarried. My coparent and I manage to attend events together with […]

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Books for Tough Topics

I’d like to think that because I’m 28 years ahead of my oldest daughter, I have mature answers to all her questions, intelligent explanations to her curiosities and calming responses to her intense emotions. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case! I’d like to think I can craft the age appropriate words to handle tough topics. Again, definitely not the […]

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