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Cry at Firsts

Why We Cry At Firsts

I live in front of an elementary school. The quiet of summer has passed and families are lining our streets to drop off and pick up their kids. Those first days, I will look out my window and watch moms hurriedly walk their backpack clad tots down our street, around the corner, to the front […]

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Your First Day of School

You are my first. I am learning to be a mother because of you. You’ve taught me more about myself and about life than anyone ever has. We are about to begin an entirely new chapter. This is such a big change for both of us. I am not ready for it. But here we […]

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Blubbering Mess

The Day I Became A Blubbering Mess

Growing up, I was not prone to crying. I’d get angry, but I didn’t often cry. I think it drove my mom a little crazy sometimes, that lack of watery emotion, but that may be because she was (and still is) a bit of a crier herself. {Don’t worry though Mom, this story ends with […]

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