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My Mom Secret: Freezer Meal Cooking

It’s 5 p.m. Do you know what everyone in your house is going to eat for dinner? Ahhh, that frantic feeling of searching through the fridge, pantry and freezer. Trying to come with up with something – anything – that is edible. And when you can’t find anything, then you’re trying to think of where […]

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A Helpful {SMILE} In Every Aisle

Welcome to the “Hy-Vee vs. Price Chopper – Which One do You Love?” series! Join us tomorrow morning for a profile of another local favorite, Price Chopper, from our contributor Emily. Maybe you have heard “where there’s a helpful smile in every aisle” before.  It could have been in a commercial with friendly, smiling employees […]

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My Hy-Vee

Welcome to the “Hy-Vee vs. Price Chopper – Which One do You Love?” series! Join us this evening for another post on Hy-Vee from our contributor Kristin. I used to hate Hy-Vee. There. I said it. Since I hail from Iowa, I grew up tagging along with my mom to the local Fareway store. In […]

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Seven Things I Wish Parents Knew

Note: This post is the fifth in our six-part “Back to School” series. Join us for the conclusion of this series on Thursday! This year marks my eighteenth in the classroom. Eighteen years! I have now officially been a teacher longer than I have done almost anything else in my life. Being a teacher is […]

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I’m Holding Pregnancy Responsible

Note: This post is the second in our three-part “Labor of Love” series. Join us in a couple of weeks as we close out this series with Bridget’s birth story! My husband, Josh thinks it would be funny if a book were written about things that are only acceptable to say or do when pregnant. […]

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