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Living with an IEP

October 2014.  This was when my son was officially diagnosed with anxiety and ADHD. That diagnosis was devastating for me. I couldn’t believe my sweet baby had so much turmoil swirling around in his brain, that at age 5, we had him in therapy and on medication so he could make it through a day […]

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Advocating for Your Child

(Note: The following tips are based only on my personal experiences; not all states and/or school districts operate in this way.) When you realize that your parenting journey is different than you imagined it would be, it can cause a great deal of stress. Questions about your child’s progress and reports of progress, regular meetings, […]

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Balancing Lesson Plans with Life Lessons

Note: This post is the fourth in our six-part “Back to School” series. Join us for more from this series next Tuesday! I’m not saying that I’m brilliant, but I hang around a lot of brilliant people – brilliant people with brilliant kids receiving brilliant awards in their brilliant activities and associations. So you can […]

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