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The Compassion Experience

This free family event features an interactive journey through the true stories of children living in Guatemala and Uganda. Experience another world without leaving yours in over 2,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space. Presented by Compassion International.

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When I Failed to Recognize his Anxiety

Dear sweet not-so-baby boy, I’m writing this letter to you as an apology. You are beyond a doubt the sweetest, most kind-hearted, gentle soul I have ever met. I’m so sorry for what I have done over your past 8 years, and I’m sorry for what I have not done. Kellen Thomas, you mean the […]

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I’m Flipping Tired of Bottle Flipping

The sound of half-filled water bottles crashing to the floor or table, followed by the occasional “YEAH!” is driving me to the brink. Every night, I walk through the house and find half-filled bottles in the most random of places, and each night I empty them and put them back in the recycling bins… where […]

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Food Gifts Kids Can Make

Food Gifts Kids Can Make

The holidays are SO MUCH FUN. Having kids around at the holidays is even more fun. The joy, the innocence, the unbridled love – it almost makes up for the early morning wake up calls and terrifying acrobatics my little men subject me to regularly.  So what better time to get in the kitchen, make […]

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Winter Car Seat Safety Reminders

Hi, mama! Winter is coming, and this is a great time to chat about some car seat safety reminders. We have all seen the sanctimommy who just can’t keep herself from dispensing unsolicited advice. I promise it won’t be like that! I am not a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician), but I am mom to a one-year-old and […]

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To the Parents in the Stands

To the Parents In the Stands, I hear you. I hear many of you cheering your kid and his or her teammates on. I hear you being nothing but encouraging, and it warms my heart to see your child react to that! I hear you thanking your coach for all he or she is doing. […]

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