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Kindergarten is Hard … on Me

Preschool to kindergarten is a tough transition. It means less sleep, less freedom and less family time. It also means more work, more rules and more distance between friends in different school districts. It’s a major change that is bound to cause some tears and frustration. And yeah, I guess it’s also hard for the […]

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Your First Day of School

You are my first. I am learning to be a mother because of you. You’ve taught me more about myself and about life than anyone ever has. We are about to begin an entirely new chapter. This is such a big change for both of us. I am not ready for it. But here we […]

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Happy Goodbye to Preschool

A Happy Goodbye to Preschool

“Aren’t you sad?” I have been asked that question a dozen times in the last month. You see, my youngest, my baby boy, is growing up… and graduating preschool. Every time it’s mentioned, I look at the questioner with a bit of surprise. “Sad?! Why would I be sad? I’m so excited!” It’s that time […]

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Finn - School

Why We Didn’t Redshirt Our Kindergartner

Years ago, if you turned five years old by the school cut-off, your parents sent you up the stairs of the bus with a pencil box, bologna and mustard on white bread in a tin lunchbox, and the confidence that you’d figure everything out. If you were five years old, you went to kindergarten. Period. […]

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