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day care parking

Daycare Parking Lot Drama

As a working mom, mornings can feel like a sprinted marathon that I must complete within a specific window of time: daycare drop off at between 8:30-8:45, me getting to work by 9. Usually, I’m barely finishing without collapsing. That’s why the daycare drop-off is KEY in getting to work on time. But sometimes, it […]

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say please

We Say “Please” and “Thank You”

When I was a brand new mom, I began my quest of finding what worked for our family. I think every new mom does just that. Every new mom has been there. Maybe they use something from their past, maybe they seek advice from friends. I am a hardcore researcher so I immediately took to […]

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Play Date Etiquette

This time of year, our family thrives on play dates and activities. Anything to get us moving and keep us entertained. With cold temperatures and short days, however, the ideal scenario of “let’s meet at the park and let the kids run around” often changes to an indoor, at-home chaotic afternoon. In-home play dates offer […]

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