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This Alexander Austin mural is painted at the busy intersection of 31st and Troost.

Troost Isn’t a Four-Letter Word

“You’re moving where?” said a well-meaning friend one morning when I told her the good news that we found a super cute house. “A few blocks east of Troost. A little bungalow south of Rockhurst.” “Oh,” she replied and didn’t say anything else. When we were getting ready to move into our current house, I […]

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What Hospitality Looks Like as a Mom

Hospitality. This is such a great word. For one, the word just sounds pretty (it’s especially fun to say in a British accent – go ahead and give it a try!), and it also carries some lovely connotations: freshly made beds, sparkly silverware, and chatting with friends over dinner and dessert. Hospitality means inviting people […]

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